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Halloween Costumes from Hell 6: More Tacky Costume Mayhem from CampBlood.org! 10/30/08

Holy flaming fuck, has it really been a whole year since I posted a new Feature? You're right, angry emailers - I really DO suck!

Regardless, I have yet again braved the most stagnant sewers and ghastliest gutters of the Internet to compile yet another installment in my annual series of incredibly inappropriate Halloween costumes.

Check out this year's lineup of awfulness HERE!

Halloween Costumes from Hell 5: More Tacky Costume Mayhem from CampBlood.org! 10/30/07

In what is becoming a time-honored tradition, I got really drunk on malt liquor and surfed the net for porn. Wait, sorry -- that was Christmas. For Halloween, I scour the Interweb for the stupidest, most offensive, and most shadenfreudtastic costumes I can find and post them here so you can laugh at them while preparing your own equally lame outfit. I know that's how it works for me, anyway.

Check out this year's lineup of awfulness HERE!

Our Bloody Valentines: CampBlood.org's Third Round of Homo Horror Valentines! 2/12/07

That's right, folks -- we've got your hairy backs yet again, with this stunning collection of fabulously freaky email valentines, by illustrator Andy Swist. They could make someone fall in love with you. And they could make someone call the police. It's really a crapshoot.

Check 'em out HERE!

The Skullies are Here: CampBlood.org's Best, Worst, and Most Easily Discarded of 2006! 1/16/07

You know what? Fuck the Golden Globes -- this is the real meat of awards season! Just dying to know what the best, worst, and gayest horror films of the year were, according to an ADD sissy who talks to his cats? Of course you are! CampBlood is proud to present the Third Annual Skully Awards, which feature the ever-delicious Peephole's Choice selections, where Homo Horror Viewers Like You contributed their own thoughts on the year in queer fear. Sound exciting? Well, it's cheaper than Lunesta.

Read on for the meaty goodness!

I Still Know: Revenge! 11/20/06

CampBlood.org is tickled pink to present Round Two of its fabulous weekly challenge, I Still Know! Think you know your random stills from even randomer movies? Think again, sponge!

Click HERE for the hot-hot-hotness!

Helloween 4: The Return of Bad Taste! 10/30/06

In moist-fingered anticipation of the greatest holiday of the year, we've yet again taken to the web to find the worst Halloween costume photos known to man. This year, our 4th installment, is drag-heavy and not very pretty -- be warned! Those with sensitive stomachs may need to sit this one out.

Check out the madness HERE.

Friday the 13th: Robey's Revenge! 10/13/06

To celebrate Friday the 13th, Buzz spent literally hours going through over 60 episodes of the fantastic late-80's Canadian horror series Friday the 13th: The Series, starring the one an only Robey. He's put together a collection of Robey's best hairstyles -- watch this bitch serve!

Check out the madness HERE.

Douglas Gordon Timeline at MoMA 6/18/06

Buzz actually peeled his ass off of the second-row seat at the Sunshine and got hisself some culture, in the form of the Douglas Gordon Timeline exhibition at MoMA. Granted, Gordon does things like project The Song of Bernadette and The Exorcist on top of one another, so it's not like it was painful by any means. Wanna see what Buzz has to say about actual art?

Click HERE for the nonsense!

"Angels to some, demons to others."
Between Darkness and Light (After William Blake), by Douglas Gordon

Interview with Two-Thousand-and First Maniac Tim Sullivan! 5/24/06

In this surprisingly candid interview, Tim talks about the transformation that Maniacs underwent between the pen and the screen (particularly when it came to the gay bits), the current climate in Hollywood for gay filmmakers, and the unholy communion among the sissies and the horror geeks. It's quite an interesting read, and we're delighted to add Tim to CampBlood's growing Homo Horror pantheon -- or at least, we will be, once we learn what "pantheon" means.

Click HERE for the shizz!

Insert "gives good head" joke HERE.
(Dylan Edrington and Tim Sullivan)

The CampBlood.org Himbo Files Ongoing

You've seen them spill their guts on screen, now see them spill their guts (and flash a little treasure-thatch) in this delightful feature dedicated to the humpy heroes and verile victims of the horror genre. Get to know your beefcake!

Click HERE for the menu of monthly man-meat.

Joes Zaso, Horror Himbo Extraordinaire

The Capitol Hill Massacre, by Armando D. Munoz 4/9/06

Veering sharply from the shallow bitch-fest that this site generally prides itself on being, we're very proud to be able to offer an essay from one of our favorite homo horror filmmakers, Armando Munoz, on the recent bloodshed in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. Commonly referred to as the "Zombie Rave Massacre" in the press (read the essay to see how problematic that could be), this unexpected and devastating loss of life has left many folks both within Seattle and without looking for answers. Armando overcomes his personal aversion to true crime to dig a little deeper into the details of this crime and to make a personal connection, which he then shares with us, the homo horror community.

Click HERE for Armando's essay and photos.

CampBlood.org Valentines!! 2/13/06

Once again, CampBlood.org shower-buddy Andy Swist has whipped up a batch of superhot horror Valentines for your bestowing pleasure! Seriously -- a House of Wax or Jeepers Creepers 2 valentine is just about as perfect a gift as a heart in a chocolate box -- and without all the mess! All you gotta do is print, cut, and share. Have fun!

The good stuff is in HERE.

Interview with Tamara Scripter and Final Destination Creator Jeffrey Reddick! 1/26/06

Seriously, people -- how fucking lucky am I? In my continuing bid to meet (er... type-meet?) every gay horror franchise creator in the known universe, I've had the great luck to connect with the lovely and talented Jeffrey Reddick, who launched the mega-successful Final Destination series and has a new film, Tamara, in the wings. So who wants to touch me? I SAID WHO WANTS TO FUCKING TOUCH ME?!

Click HERE for the creamy filling!

If Jeffrey and I were girls, and one of us was an undead witch, this would TOTALLY be us. Right, Jeffrey? Jeffrey? Did I leave the door unlocked...?

The Skullies are Here: CampBlood.org's Best, Worst, and Most Fabulous of 2005! 1/16/05

No awards season is complete without the drunken, porrly-speled rantings of a bitter sissy with an axe to grind in the rapidly devolving horror genre. With the second annual Skully awards, we celebrate the best, worst, and flat-out hottest men and women of the horror genre, including a special group of awards granted by you, my cracked-out yet cuddly readers.

Read on for the meaty goodness!

Final Destination 3 Sweepstakes! 1/13/06

Hey -- free shit!

Friday the Thirtina! 1/13/06

Friday the 13th is a special day, particularly for us horror geeks. And what better way to celebrate than by making a dance mix of the series' trashiest entry, Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood? In a rare stroke of coincidence, the queerest entry in the series also features the most uses of the word "Tina", which also happens to be gay party slang for Crystal Meth (likely a Mommie Dearest reference, I guess -- those crazy queens!).

Anyway, right-click and "Save As" to download what will likely be the biggest circuit party hit of the year. If Madonna's lawyers don't get to me first, that is.


Female impersonator Michelle as Tina Turner.
The connection? I DON'T KNOW!
(note: to book Michelle for your party or corporate event, click HERE)

I Still Know! 11/22/05

CampBlood.org is tickled pink to present its brand-spankin' new weekly challenge, I Still Know! Think you know your random stills from even randomer movies? Think again, sponge!

Click HERE for the mind-melting fabulousness!

Put down the axe, Love. It's just a fucking contest.
(from I Still Know Blah Blah Blah Whatever)

Halloween Mayhem 2005! 10/25/05

CampBlood.org is proud as punch to announce our favorite retarded Halloween costumes of the year. In our third annual feature, we've got botched abortions, Bruce Vilanch, baby Hitler, and more!

Click HERE for the wonderstuff!

As an added bonus, I've hunted down a bunch of my favorite people and prodded them mercilessly about their favorite Halloween costumes. It's insanely practical, and practically insane!

Click HERE for the chocolatey goodness.

Welcome to Hollywood, sweetheart.

Sassy Coverage of GenCon 2005! 10/06/05

CampBlood Special Agent Bub took his life into his own hands by attending this year's GenCon gaming convention. Why, you ask, is it considered taking one's life into one's hands by attending such an event?

It's in Indianapolis.

The Bubber was kind enough to provide CampBlood with the following report of his experiences at the con, which -- to a non-gamer like myself -- are like the insane ravings of a deaf, elderly Greek street urchin with dementia. But if you're a fan of horror or gaming, it's just the ticket for you!

Click HERE for the creamy filling!

I think the one on the right has his arm around the Holy Ghost...

Full Coverage of ComicCon 2005! 7/30/05

CampBlood's "Special" Correspondent Chuckie gets up to a whole load of trouble in San Diego, following Bruce Campbell into toilets, stalking Clive Barker, and begging Brinke Stevens to be his "mommy". You just can't get good reportage like this without the help of pharmaceutical-grade painkillers.

Click HERE for the madness!

Why yes, Buzz - I'd love to run off to Rio with you!
(Tom Jane)

Interview with Horror Homo of 2004 (and all-around doll) Don Mancini ! 6/13/05

Buzz's stellar luck continues, as he is blessed with the opportunity to interview the creator of the Child's Play mythos, Mr. Don Mancini. Brimming with wit, tenderness, and a love for operatic displays of catastrophic violence and terror, Don shares his thoughts on being a gay horror writer/director in the Hollywood system and effectively steals Buzz's heart out of its brittle, rusty birdcage in the process.

And let's be honest, kids -- these days it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that shameless and transparent publicity stunt. So in honor of last week's release of Seed of Chucky on DVD and VHS, Don and I are TOTALLY getting married. He just doesn't know it yet.

Click HERE for the minty-freshness!

If you got to see Nick Stabile's buns, you'd be smiling, too.
(Don Mancini)

Interview with Homo Horror Maverick Jason Paul Collum! 3/06/05

Sometimes you read an interview with someone and their personality jumps off the page. And then there are times when the personality jumps off the page, pins you to the wall, and makes you feel like a woman. Such a personality is Jason Paul Collum, a longtime homo horror filmmaker whose new film, October Moon, promises to put sodomy and scares back where they belong: in Wisconsin. Jason was kind enough to entertain Buzz's intrusive and entirely inappropriate questions, and share some hot stories about working for Rapid Heart, barbecueing with Brinke Stevens, and lots more.

Check out the floridly flirtatious Collum's pearls of wisdom right about HERE.

And this was before the interview even started!
(Jason with Tanya Dempsey, photo by Ward Boult)

Even More CampBlood.org Video!! 2/25/05

I'm pleased to introduce yet another video series here at the homo horror mothership: CampBlood.org Video Mash-Ups!

In this first installation, friend of CampBlood Tintorera Joe has cleverly taken the term "horror comedy" to new heights by combining the sitcom-ready Friday the 13th Part III with a classic television laugh-track. It's all too irreverent and hilarious!

Check out the new thingie HERE.

So much funnier with a laugh-track...

CampBlood.org Valentines!! 2/10/05

Just in time for the holidays (ahem), CampBlood has teamed with NYC-based artist Andy Swist to conjure up some deliciously naughty Homo Horror Valentines! All you gotta do is print, cut, and bestow. Have fun!

The good stuff is in HERE.

But he only has eyes... for... ewes...

More CampBlood.org Video!! 2/7/05

I'm gobsmacked to introduce a new line of video creations here at CampBlood.org entitled CampBlood Intimate Portraits. These educational and informative little tidbits aim to celebrate certain underappreciated or particularly fabulous genre vets that other horror sites may overlook.

First on the slab is Fright Night's Stephen Geoffreys, who parlayed his role as Evil Ed into a successful career in films of a different genre.

Click HERE to access the hotness.

Evil Ed contemplates biting the hand that feeds him
(Stephen Geoffreys in Fright Night)

Interview with Homo Horror Hall-of-Famer Dave DeCoteau! 1/17/05

Buzz gets starstruck, nostalgic, and downright woozy as he interviews B-movie legend and fellow sissy Dave DeCoteau. In this illuminating interview, Dave fields insipid questions on the early years, the Scream Queens, boys in undies, and the gay mecca that is Blockbuster Video. Thoughts on this and more from this horror vet and current Canadian await inside.

Read on for the goodness...

"Who's there? Do you have our clothes?"
(the boys of Voodoo Academy )

The Skullies are Here: CampBlood.org's Best, Worst, and Most Fabulous of 2004! 1/10/05

What better way to celebrate the new year than by remembering how much the last one sucked? Allow me to take you on a strange journey through a year littered with bloated sequels, little indies that could, and more worked-out pecs than you can count. Actually, there were 67.

CampBlood.org is pleased as pie to present the First Annual Skully Awards and the First Ever Peephole's Choice Awards for Excellence in Horror Film, as selected by you, a sad bunch of silly queers (and posted by me, a downright mess). As no good deed goes unpunished, let no good film go unrewarded with a Skully: a title that hovers in value somewhere between a Perfect Attendance patch from the Junior Bowlers Association and a Degree from Devry Technical Institute.

Read on for the glory!

Return of the Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas! 12/23/04

Scrambling to find a unique gift for your loved ones? Looking to impress someone with the best present ever? Totally bored at work and cursing your goddamn boss for actually expecting you to come to work two days before Christmas?

Yeah. I thought as much.

Click HERE for the Unbridled Holiday Cheer...

I'm letting the cats out of the bag on some great Christmas gift ideas! Yeah, I fucking suck.

Coverage of the 2004 New York City Horror Film Festival! 12/20/04

Whew. Buzz is still recovering from the horror clusterfuck that was the 2004 NYCFF; with dozens of films and appearances by some genre greats (and even more aspiring-to-be-greats), it left quite a hangover. But having gotten up, shaken off the cobwebs, and re-hydrated, I've put together a recap of some of the best (and best-forgotten) moments from the fest.

Click HERE for the chaos...

In New York, we eat people like you for breakfast. Literally.

Interview with Shiner Filmmaker Christian Calson! 12/01/04

Buzz thought that he loved blood and naked men more than anyone, but he may have met his match in Christian Calson, whose violent and deliciously naughty dark comedy Shiner tore up the festival circuit and recently landed with a scarlet splat on DVD. Filled to bursting with young guys, bitchslaps, and the red stuff, Shiner gives all new meaning to the phrase "Love is a Battlefield". Fortunately, our interview didn't come to fisticuffs (that means fighting -- get your mind out of the gutter...).

Click HERE to learn more...

Wrong, Christian -- New York Cares.

Helloween 2: Season of the Beeotch 10/17/04

It's that time of year again -- when white people all over the country pretend that they are anything other than boring middle-class shmoes by throwing on a pimp costume from K-Mart or dressing up like a Playboy bunny. Your tireless servant in the exhaustive study of all things wrong with the status quo has gleaned (read: stolen) some of the best Halloween costume pictures the internet has to offer and posted them HERE for viewing pleasure. Judge freely!

As an added bonus, I've re-posted last year's winners as well. Knock yerself out HERE.

Thank you, Vatican II.

CampBlood.org Goes Video!! 10/9/04

I'm thrilled to announce our first ever video content, the first in a series called Phone Bills from Hell. In this batch of pirated and re-edited video clips, we see the lovely ladies of the Telephone Harrassment subgenre fucking with each others' heads, with no predatory males in sight!

Click HERE to access the hotness.

Can you hear me now?

Movies of the Weak!! 9/16/04

I got my telly on and threw together a special report on an assortment of classic Movies of the Week from 1971-1986. These reviews are extra-special because they represent the first ever Cross-Referenced CampBlood content! You're gonna shit yourself when you see it!

Click HERE to check out the madness.

Frank Stallone.
Yes, the Frank Stallone.

Interview with I'll Bury You Tomorrow Creator Alan Rowe Kelly!! 9/7/04

Buzzles gets down and dirty with one of the horror scene's most promising new lunatics, Alan Rowe Kelly. Against his better judgement, Buzz knocks a few back with this gregarious, talented, and very pleasant writer/director/actor/mindfucker and posts every damn word for you and the world to see.

Ever wondered what really happens when you mix booze, puppets, incest, Bingo, and Ruth Roman?

Click HERE to find out...

Martha Stewart, Eat Your Heart.
(Alan Rowe Kelly entertains)

Coverage of the 2004 OutFest HomoHorror Series!! 8/18/04

First Ever CampBlood Final Boy Armando Munoz braves near-insurmountable odds to bring the shocking yet true story of the first ever OutFest horror program to you! Chock full of gossip, celebrity-sightings, and porn, this is one not to miss!

Click HERE for the horror.

Does NOT know the way to San Jose.
(from Mime After Midnight)

Coverage of the 2004 San Deigo Comic-Con!! 8/3/04

First Ever CampBlood "Special" Correspondent Chuckie brings back a fevered, confused mess of images, conjecture, missed connections, and shrieking, echoing loss from the worlds funnest genre convention!!

Click HERE for the shizz.

Corey Feldman: Lost, but more forgotten.

Interview with Hellbent Director Paul Etheredge-Ouzts! 6/27/04

Buzz sits down thousands of miles away from the monumentally maladjusted gay horror maverick to conduct this interview, and thanks his lucky stars for every insulating inch! This guy's just not right!

Click HERE for the interview.

Paul Etheredge-Ouzts:
Cute, but deranged.

CampBlood Exclusive: Set Visit to Dead Serious, the New Gay Vampire Flick! 6/2/04

Pics, fangs, and wit. Extra dry.

Click HERE for the good shit!

And you thought your hangover was bad!
(from Dead Serious)

Camp Card Collection! 5/5/04

For all you Topps-lovers. Or just Topps.

Click HERE for the goodies.

Interview with Mime After Midnight and Pervula Director Armando Munoz 4/15/04

Buzz takes his chances with Seattle's most dangerous pervie filmmaker, and lives to tell about it!

Click HERE for the interview.

Munoz: Did someone say "Sassy"?

Film Festival Ho! The DC Independent Film Fest 4/7/04

CampBlood attends a fest in the nation's capitol and lives to write about it.

Click HERE for the review.

Book Review: "Profoundly Disturbing: Shocking Movies that Changed History" by Joe Bob Briggs 11/28/03

Think you know everything there is to know about "Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS"? Think again...

Click HERE for the review.


Interview with "Scream for Me" Director Chris Broadstone and Actor Tony Simmons 11/13/03

Chris is a straight guy who made one of the queerest horror films I've ever seen (yes, that is a compliment). Tony is a gay guy who played one of the scariest straight guys I've ever seen (yes, that is a come-on). Both have lots to say about horror, sexuality, and duct tape.

Click HERE for the interview.

Interview with "Savage Island" Writer Kevin Mosley 11/11/03

Kevin's a horror screenwriter, a gay man, a Canadian, and an all-around nice guy. Considering these crippling disadvantages, I decided to interview him about his nasty flick and his take on horror in general.

Click HERE for the interview.