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Halloween 3: Gypsies, Tramps, and Botched Abortions

Yes, Virginia - There IS a Great Pumpkin
It's back, folks -- an annual assortment of some of the worst Halloween costumes imaginable. Some of these are actually available for purchase on the Internets -- though I'll be damned if I'm going to tell you where. For winners (losers?) from past years, check out 2004 and 2003.


Funny Big-Hat Witch
Your child will be the hit of the party in this delightful big-hatted witch costume, which playfully -- what? Abu who? I have no idea what you're talking about. But she's barefoot! Isn't that ADORABLE?!

Who's up for shish-kebab?

Baby Bear
This costume is cute. Until you remember that Shelley Duvall stumbled across something looking exactly like this getting busy in one of the guest rooms in The Shining. Yes, it's wrong.

Thomas Gibson
After Dharma and Greg ended, the offers dried up and Thomas was forced to resort to working at Captain Caveman's Pizza Jamboree. Femur dildo not included.

Half-Assed Daredevil
You remember Daredevil, right? The "jeans-wearing superhero"?

Jack White of the White Stripes
Or, "what Renee Zellweger sees when she closes her eyes".

Man Sandwich
I plan on being in a Man Sandwich myself this Halloween. But I don't think this guy knows what he's in for.

Penis Man
"I'll totally win the contest this year -- who else would think of going as Arnold Schwarzenegger's inner child?!" Li'l Kim impersonator not included.

Horny Priest
Because nothing's funnier than a cock in a smock.

Peter Pan


Triple gay.

Cowboys and Indians
From the Bareback Mountain Collection, I see.

Baby Hitler
Hey -- have you met my friend in the big witch hat?

Wine Box
Mom?! Mom, you get away from him!!

Gypsy: Before

Gypsy: After
TrimSpa, baby!

...and I'll let you determine the connection.

Super-Size Baby
Or as I like to call it, "Dingo Family-Pack"

Wonder Woman Dog
Okay, either dress up your dog as Bruce Vilanch OR Wonder Woman. Don't get greedy.

Likewise: Elijah Wood OR Batman. Leave something for the rest of us.