CampBlood Homo Horror Features: So Readable They Hurt


Are You in the House Alone?   1978
Blythe Danner, Dennis Quaid, Kathleen Beller, Ellen Travolta
Less a horror film than a tame rape-revenge movie, Are You in the House Alone? nonetheless uses some time-worn horror clichés to get the job done, notably the 'babysitter alone in the big house getting scary phonecalls' scenario. Some of these scenes are genuinely creepy, and the subject matter is handled quite well, although being the seventies there is still some creepy residual anti-feminist sentiment floating around (mostly assigning the blame on the victim - not exactly progressive thinking). Blythe Danner is spectacularly bitchy as the mother, and her handling of the creepy caller is downright hilarious in a few scenes - this was the woman for whom Xanex was invented. An early Dennis Quaid proves as disposable as, well, an older Dennis Quaid.
Rating (out of 5):