CampBlood Homo Horror Features: So Readable They Hurt


Crowhaven Farm   1970

Hope Lange, Paul Burke, John Carradine
Starting slow but eventually working its way up to a suitably disturbing resolution, Crowhaven Farm is a pleasantly eerie journey into 17th-century witchhunt territory. Hope Lange and her husband inherit the titular farm (well, after her cousin -- the rightful inheritor -- dies in a freak car crash!), and of course things end up going horribly wrong (if they didn't, we'd be disappointed -- right, kids?). With a nice backstory of a witch who betrayed her coven by ratting on them to the local puritan community in return for her own life, along with the more immediate history of Lange and her husband's troubled and childless marriage, the story becomes nastier than you might expect and has a fairly troubling conclusion that leaves Lange and her newborn on the run from vengeful souls that they fucked with in life. Fans of Thanksgiving decoration imagery and Satan will not be disappointed.

Rating (out of 5):