CampBlood Homo Horror Features: So Readable They Hurt


Five Desperate Women   1971

Stephanie Powers, Joan Hackett, Anjanette Comer, Bradford Dillman, Robert Conrad
A college reunion is the setting for a group of sexy sorority sisters - the southern belle, the rich bitch, the liar, the mama’s girl and the black hooker (with a degree!) - who all have a secret or two. The women gather at a remote seaside resort with the caretaker, the ship captain and a dog no one seems to own. On their first night the dog gets thrown out of the house and is strangled. When Joan Hackett stumbles upon the dead dog tragedy, she cries “He was a good little doggy and he liked me!” Then Joan gets strangled, leaving four desperate women and a mystery to be solved.

Campy to the nth degree, Five Desperate Women woefully struggles to be scary, but it’s far more comedic, especially when creepy Bradford Dillman insists on explaining proper nutrition to the rail thin actresses. In its defense, though filled with several friendly TVMW faces, Denise Nicholas, who plays the hooker with nerves of steel, is an offbeat choice (by 70s TV standards anyway) as the heroine. And hunky Robert Conrad is great as the dude who’s got it all together, man! (ed.: and it's got Anjanette Comer from The Baby! Fuckin' A!)

Recapped by Amanda By Night

Special Features:
Lip Gloss; Doggy Death ; Hookers; Whodunit
Rating (out of 5):