CampBlood Homo Horror Features: So Readable They Hurt


Revenge   1971

Shelley Winters, Stuart Whitman, Carol Eve Rossen, Bradford Dilman
Vengeance can be sweet, especially when it’s being handed out by the Queen of Eating Scenery, Shelly Winters. Here she’s the bitch from hell when she seeks a proper comeuppance for the man (the suave Bradford Dillman) who ruined her daughter… in that way. Unfortunately, she’s got the wrong man and he’s got a wife (Carol Eve Rossen) who has somehow tapped into the otherworld to track him down. Her newfound mystic abilities are never explained but this nifty little thriller plays up her powers in clever and subtle ways. After her hubby goes MIA, she visits a famous psychic (Stuart Whitman) and asks him for help. He gives her a bit of a song and dance but she’s tapped into something and the trail will hopefully lead her back to her beau.

Revenge is a pretty sly little film and Winters keeps the hysterics to a minimum, but you won’t be disappointed – she’s got Dillman in a cage and feeds him drug laced sandwiches. An axe gets involved later, but I don’t want to run the surprises. This movie is a rare small screen treat – you think you’re in for a farcical joyride but surprisingly end up with a mature chiller. And get this… you’ll LIKE it!

Recapped by Amanda By Night

Rating (out of 5):