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Where Have All the People Gone?   1974

Peter Graves, Kathleen Quinlan, George O’Hanlon Jr.
Yes, where have all the people gone? While on a hike in the mountains, Peter Graves and his kids stumble into a cave just before a solar flare ignites about 99% of the human population. Oddly enough, the water is good enough to drink and the animals, though driven mad, all seem fine. As Peter and his clan trek home one of his camping mates literally bites the dust, a pack of dogs eat a couple of kids (this is explained and not shown), people gorge themselves on baking powder, they pick up a bad-ass, gun-toting adolescent (ala Phantasm III), and prevent a suicide attempt. All in all, a happy little family movie.

Can John Llewellyn Moxey do no wrong? Brimming with images of desolation and desperation, Where Have all the People Gone is an edgy thriller with a looming sense of dread so heavy that it rivals any (good) apocalypse movie made during the same era. Another class act from the master.

Recap by Amanda By Night

Special Features:
Just-Outside-of-LA Highway Location ; Man-Eating Dogs; Death by Tan
Rating (out of 5):