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That's right - Andy, Brian, Humbert, Weezie and all the voices in our collective heads are back for another season of recappage of the baddest vampire show on television.

Click below and enjoy!

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Blood Work! "True Blood" vlog 3.12 FINALE: "That's a NAP!"

Concrete-enhanced vampire Russell Edgington wasn't referring to this off-key season finale, but he might as well have been! In this recap of the last episode of this season of the wildly popular HBO vampire show, Brian and Andy tackle all of the various plots, including those in the Raynard Parish Cemetery. Ugh.

"Talbot", the New Fragrance from Derek Northmann

It's true what they say: Idle hands are the devil's drunken Youtubers.

Blood Work! Episode 3.11: WHERE'S MY F*CKIN' WHISKEY?!?

In one of our most ill-advised moves to date, Andy and Brian take a tip from rapidly unspooling shapeshifter barman Sam Merlotte and decide to get completely wasted before recording this week's True Blood recap. SPOILER: One of us an angry drunk, but the other one is a cuddler!

Anyway, this week's True Blood was all about being drunk on something, be it Jack Daniels, Patron, "V", or Sookie. So please allow us this little foray into the 100-Proof Wood. Somehow we still manage to cover the hot topics - Bill & Eric's alliance! Arlene's no-bortion! Jesus' "oh! face"! - but lose a lot of dignity (and brain cells) along the way.


Blood Work! Episode 3.10: The Two-Parter

That's right: Alan Ball and his band of merry manscapers finally broke us. IN TWO!

In a Blood Work! first, we are presenting this episode in two parts, because the tenth episode of True Blood Season 3 was just too much for us to cover in 10 minutes. After a quick acid-induced rollercoaster trip through our apartment (or as we like to call it in our house, "Monday"), we get down to business: Sam's jewel-thieving ducks' ass! Jessica's pitbull-tossing skills! Pam's last name! Eric's windy shithole! And of course, the continuing question of whether Beeel is a "lying sack of shit".

Enjoy both parts now! You know you want to.

Blood Work! Episode 3.09: "... Tiffany?"

Oh my HELL it is getting crazy in here. In this week's batty video recap of the hit HBO vampire show, we discuss everything from Russell's urn of Hamburger Talbot to Bill's trip in Claudine's Hot Tub Time Machine. Plus, the Wolf Bag, Whatever, Sookie! and all the gore you can fit in a cut-crystal candy dish.

Oh, and check out how Andy's way of mourning Weezie's untimely staking differs from mine. SO WHAT IF I EAT MY FEELINGS??

Blood Work! Episode 3.08: They Killed Our Cooters!

In this installment of CampBlood.org’s recap of the insane – and insanely popular – HBO vampire hootenanny, Andy and I kick things off by giving Sookiepants some scrapbooking tips. Rickrack, lady!

We then dive into all the blood, bawling and beast-with-two-back-making that made this episode one of our faves of the season, before Andy has to zoom up into the sky to save the Center of the Universe from certain peril. Just another day at the Camp!


Blood Work! Episode 3.07: Escape from Lilith Fair

I gotta be honest, I don't know which would be worse: Being trapped on a plantation full of bitchy gay vampires or being stuck in Sookie's RenFair afterlife. In this episode of our True Blood recap vlog, Andy and I unleash our inner garden party and frolic bedside, Bon Temps style.

Soon enough we get around to discussing Lorena's chocolate fountain climax, Sam's fetish wear, and all the other nutty crap that went down in this week's ep.

Hop into our Hot Tub Time Machine, at the right!

Blood Work! Episode 3.06: Suck Whatever's Left

In this week's episode of True Blood, Lorna Doone told Coot and Debbie to "suck whatever's left" of undead, unfortunately-banged hero Bill Compton. In this week's Blood Work! video recap, Andy and I do our best to suck the marrow out of the bones of an insanely overstuffed show.

Tara idiocy! Gay vampire flirting! Gay fry-cook flirting! Ginger waitress espionage! Scratch-offs!

All this and more await in this week's episode...

Blood Work! Episode 3.05: SRSLYOMGWTF??!!

This week's Blood Work! True Blood video blog starts off with Andy showing off a bit of his digital dexterity. But even the fastest texter in the world would have a hard time keeping up with all the developments in this week's episode of the increasingly insane vampire/werewolf show.

What with Tara's increasingly batty gentleman caller, Sam's family's cuckoobananas family, Bill's change of heart, Sookie's IronManHands and Lafayette's sexy Jesus, this episode was a doozy. And we haven't even gotten to the Viking flashback or the Toxic Cow!

Blood Work! Episode 3.04: Ring Ring, Hookahs!

The postman always rings twice, but in this week’s Blood Work!, very special guest Joe Zaso doesn’t have that luxury!

Yes, the Alpha Horror Himbo himself is back to visit and deliver a very special Wolf Bag. After we wipe the drool off our chins we dig into the latest True Blood, in all its shot-glassed, Debbie-Pelted, RuPauled glory.

Blood Line Chat - Single Vamps are Waiting for Your Call!

See, HBO? This is the shit that happens when you take a week off.

Blood Work! Episode 3.03: Twist and Shout

Gay Pride just so happened to coincide with the most insane episode of True Blood yet this season. We've still got a neckache just thinking about it! Andy and Brian from CampBlood.org are here to deconstruct the ins and outs (and in-and-outs) of the hit vampire show. But first: Let's do the twist!ll

Blood Work! Episode 3.02: Beautifully Batshit

Brian and Andy from CampBlood.org are back to discuss episode 3.02 of True Blood, "Beautifully Broken". Is the second ep of the season a return to the batcrap craziness that made us fell in love with the show in the first place? Plus: Whatever, Sookie!, The Wolf Bag and a special news flash that may or may not have something to do with missing vampire Bill Compton. Enjoy!


Blood Work! Episode 3.01: Some Were Over the Rainbow

Andy and Brian are back with another season of their ridiculously informative (and occasionally entertaining) video recap series of the hit HBO vampire show. This season the show's getting hairy ... and the fellas waste no time in picking out which Were might be a friend of Dorothy. Plus: Whatever, Sookie!, We Wanna Do Bad Things WIth You, the new Wolf Bag feature, and more harm to cats and our reputations.


Blood Work! Season 3 Teaser ... Ready to Were?



CampBlood.org Blood Work Too True Blood video blog!

Are you watching Alan Ball's True Blood vampire series on HBO? Because you should be. Shit's CRAZY! Seriously, it's pervy, hilarious, disturbing, and completely insane ... and it offers a heapin' helping of Ryan Kwanten's tender vittles in every damn episode.

In other words, what's not to love?

To celebrate this queer-as-folk genre series, I've launched a weekly recap vlog that I'll be posting every week, some of which feature special guests. Click below and enjoy!

Blood Work Too! Episode 12: Always the Bridesmaids...

For our last episode of Blood Work! Too, we took a tip from MaryAnn (”the Bitch”) and said “yes” to the dress, the Meat Tree, the potted plant hats, and – most importantly – the crazy.

So how did last night’s marriage-happy episode strike us? Were the loose ends (and runny Eggs) suitably dealt with? And of course, what do we think might be next for our drama-plagued Francophiles (Bill and Sookie), service industry members (Lafayette, Terry, Tara, Sam, etc.) and Mountain Dew enthusiasts (Handsome Woman A and Handsome Woman B)?


Blood Work Too! Episode 11: Alright, Who Laid the Egg?!

This week we’re a bit down because … well, because this last episode suuuuuucked. But rather than let it ruin our pre-Labor-Day warmup, we decided to catch some sun and play some Yahtzee. Join us as we enjoy tropical drinks and complain about the shit going down in Bon Temps!

Blood Work Too! Episode 10: New World in Our View

This week seems to be all about getting on one another's nerves, much like the crazies taking over Bon Temps on True Blood. We discuss mythology, smitings, and of course the hotness of Exterminator Jason Stackhouse and wonder what might be coming in the last two eps of the season.

Plus, Andy announces who this week's paper doll characters will be! Enjoy!


Blood Work Too! Episode 9: We Will Rise Up! (After a Quick Nap)

In this week’s daylight-averse episode, we recap the latest bloody installment of True Blood … but first we take a nap. Hey, rambling drunkenly into a videocamera is tough work! (Just ask Bill O’Reilly.)

For our take on the latest vampy goings-on in the hit HBO show, the newest True Blood paper dolls and the introduction of the Sookie Monster, check out the loony new ep, at right ­ and don’t forget to check out the blog for the winner of last week’s Cubicle Puppetshow Theatre!

Blood Work Too! Episode 8: Waaay Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

It’s true, lady: We’re officially two-dimensional.

I’m really staked stoked to be able to announce a very special project that hubby/creative director Andy Swist has whipped up for this season of True Blood: Our very own True Blood paper dolls! Yes, starting this week you can download Andy’s original cut-and-play designs (grab ‘em over here) and keep your officemates, friends, cats, or spare corpses entertained.

Be sure to watch the vlog for info on the all-new CampBlood Cubicle Puppet Show Challenge, and check back every week for a new vlog and a new character’s doll! This week Lafayette and Pam get the Blood Work! goodness rolling with a walk-off in our refrigerator. Who will take home the prize of Bon Temps’ “Most Fierce”? And aside from that, what did we all think of the explosive last episode, “Timebomb”? Join the papercut-enhanced fun, at the right!

Blood Work Too! Episode 7: Taste the rainbow!

In this week's Very Special Blood Work, Andy and I taste-test the new TruBlood carbonated beverage. Will we prefer it cold, hot, or with vodka? I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count.

Plus, we of course discuss the wacky seventh episode of True Blood Season Two, "Release Me". What of Eggs and Little Miss Baconpants? What of zombie whores and skank hos? And can the show ever again reach the brilliance of Sarah Newlin's "Golfcart of the Valkyries" moment?

All this and a heck of a hangover await, at right. Hurry ... it's going faster than fritters on a fat farm!

Blood Work Too! Episode 6: PussyCat Blues

Betcha didn't know that apart from being a vampire, a skilled pumpkin-carver, a doting husband and the self-appointed captain of Team Bill, Andy is also an accomplished megaphone crooner.

It's true! Andy lets his old-timey colors (or lack thereof) show in the latest installment of Blood Work Too!, in which we discuss the croontastic latest episode of True Blood, "Hard-Hearted Hannah".

Blood Work Too! Episode 5: Tubthumping!

This week we discuss bathtub handjobs, hotel porn, the voluptuous horror of Ed Quinn, and whether or not Bill has to "warm it up" before he and Sookie play hide-the-stake. So basically it's like your typical episode of The View, only in our case the undead isn't limited to Barbara Walters.

Enjoy it all, at the right!

Blood Work Too! Episode 4: Shake and Fingerpop

Yes, we're back to recap the latest episode of the increasingly horny HBO vampire show, True Blood, with our sexed-up take on 2.4, "Shake and Fingerpop".

Find out what happens when Andy lets me drink Yoo-Hoo, our thoughts on sploshing, and with whom we'd Like to Do Bad Things this week, at the right!

(Note: No cats were harmed, emotionally scarred or impregnated in the making of this video.)

Blood Work Too! Episode 3: Scratches!

This week Andy finds himself on the business end of some serious scratches himself when he tries to discuss the latest episode of True Blood with Weezie.

I am much more amenable to the chore, of course, and we get into all the gory details of the episode. Enjoy!

And That's That.

I'm terribly sorry to have to break it to you, but previous episodes of Blood Work! are not available for viewing on this site at this point. Anyway, we had a blast making them and hope that they will live on in the memories of a select and blessed few!



The 7 Best Lafayette GIFs!

Work it, Hookah!
I poked around the Internets for the best animated GIFs of our pill-popping, afghan-loving lord and savior, Lafayette Reynolds from True Blood (as played by the glorious Nelsan Ellis).

Due to the blinding force of so much gold-thong-wearing gorgeousness, I've placed all seven of the GIFs on their own page, so as not to scare the other videos. You can view all of them over here. But to whet your whistles, here's my favorite of the bunch:

4. Earrings (THE BEST)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If you find more goodies, send 'em my way and I'll add to the pot! Feel free to snatch and repost at will.


CampBlood.org Telephone Harrassment Superstore

Lauren Tewes: Demon Dialer!!
In what is perhaps the ultimate culmination of my telephone harrassment obsession, Eyes of a Stranger's Lauren Tewes harrasses women from three separate movies, armed with nothing more than a fresh pack of bitch-sticks, a mountain of coke and an unlimited long distance plan. Enjoy it below!

Murder by Phone (1982)
Lauren Tewes is at it again -- this time she's using her femanine wiles -- and her trusty telephone -- to cause poor innocent subway patrons to explode!

Click HERE to read the CampBlood.org review of this preposterous phone thriller.

Right-Click HERE to download the MPEG video
(DON'T just click the link, as nothing will happen.)

Eyes of a Stranger (1981)
Lauren Tewes tries to stop a sadistic ladykiller from taking another victim (the lovely Miss Debbie Ormsly), despite having a blind sister and a crippling case of smoker's cough.

Click HERE to read the CampBlood.org review of this white-hot slasher.

Right-Click HERE to download the MPEG video
(DON'T just click the link, as nothing will happen.)

Are You in the House Alone? (1978)
Not in this version, you're not! See needlessly bitchy Blythe Danner get sassy with her daughter, Kathleen Beller, in this telling remix. Do you think she's this rude to Gwynnie?

Click HERE to read the CampBlood.org recaplet of this made-for-tv spooker.

Right-Click HERE to download the MPEG video
(DON'T just click the link, as nothing will happen.)


CampBlood.org Video Mashups

Friday the 13th Part III vs. The Beverly Hillbillies Part II (video by Tintorera Joe)
More crazy shit from Tintorera Joe...

In this scene, those loony hippies are making popcorn and talking about sex!!

Right-Click HERE to download the MPEG video
(DON'T just click the link, as nothing will happen.)

Friday the 13th Part III vs. The Beverly Hillbillies (video by Tintorera Joe)
My dear friend Tintorera Joe had the brilliant idea of combining the surprisingly sitcom-ready dialogue of Friday the 13th Part III with an actual laugh-track from a classic American television comedy. Horror comedy, finally done right.

In this scene, the Scooby Gang sets out for a weekend of fun, drinking, and hot teen porking -- but not if the van's on fire!

Right-Click HERE to download the MPEG video
(DON'T just click the link, as nothing will happen.)


CampBlood.org Intimate Portraits

Stephen Geoffreys (Fright Night, 976-Evil)
Who could forget the weaselly, wisecracking Evil Ed from the horror/comedy classic Fright Night? Ever wonder what actor Stephen Geoffreys has been up to since he left the genre behind? Well, download the link at the right to see just how far "behind" he left it as vampire hottie Chris Sarandon lures him into the dark side of ascots, manicures, and hot man-on-man love. (note: TOTALLY NSFW)

Read the CampBlood.org recaplet of Fright Night in the Homo Horror Guide!

Right-Click HERE to download the MPEG video
(DON'T just click the link, as nothing will happen.)


CampBlood.org Random Video Mayhem

Halloween for Sissies
I threw together this delicious little bit of faggotry to celebrate Halloween: it's a rapid-fire collection of the gayest moments in horror film, set to the ass-shakin' music of lezzie supergroup Le Tigre. Enjoy often!

Right-Click HERE to download the MPEG video
(DON'T just click the link, as nothing will happen.)