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Head Counselor Buzz

Head Counselor Buzz

Back in 2003, Brian Juergens was just a scrappy film student working on his first horror short. It occurred to him that a lot of his favorite horror movies had gay or gayish things about them, so he did some research and was shocked to find that no online resource existed for folks looking to study modern horror films from a gay perspective.

After deciding that writing as a slightly more caustic version of himself might result in more brutally honest and entertaining reviews, Brian created the online alter-ego Buzz and the bitchfest was born – Horror for Homos.

In the years since, the site has blossomed: what started out as a simple Homo Horror Guide now boasts over 150 standalone reviews and dozens of original interviews, videos, features and a newfangled Blog-thingy.

Brian has likewise blossomed, going on to write film reviews for Bloody-Disgusting, Freezedriedmovies, Pretty-Scary and dozens of print publications, and becoming an accredited member of the Online Film Critics Society. In 2007 he took an editorial job at gay entertainment site AfterElton, where he ran the blog for more than two years and wrote film and television articles and reviews.

Over the years Brian has interviewed a wide array of interesting folks including Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Alan Ball, America Ferrera, John Waters, Vanessa Williams, Clay Aiken, True Blood‘s Nelsan Ellis, Lucy Liu, William Friedkin, Cyndi Lauper, Seann William Scott, Rufus Wainwright, Lesley Ann Warren, Simon Doonan, Christian Siriano, Judith Light, Rob Zombie and Jessica Simpson, among others.

In the meantime Brian still pursues his filmmaking dreams. His student film thesis, the creepy domestic suspense short Two Story House, played at dozens of mainstream and genre fests around the world, including the prestigious New York City Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (NewFest) and the New York City Horror Film Festival. If you would care to watch it, please feel free:

Brian has also worked on various shorts and features in the NY area as DP, AD, AC, PA and more (you can view his reel over here), created and produced the popular Blood Work! True Blood video recap series and even achieved his lifelong goal of being a victim in a horror movie (Alan Rowe Kelly‘s gonzo The Blood Shed). He has written several as-yet-unproduced features, and hopes that one day they will see the light of a projector.

Currently Brian is a freelance writer and editor who is also trying to find the time to develop a supernatural book series, polish up and sell several scripts and work on a graphic novel with his husband (as of 2009!), illustrator Andy Swist. Of course he has no idea how to do any of these things, and any advice is much appreciated.

Brian thanks you for reading, and can be reached at

Counselor Kyle

Counselor Kyle

A gay military kid who lived up and down the east coast finally decided to venture out West – and hasn’t returned.  With a love for horror films, champagne, short shorts, and CAPS LOCK, he spends his time writing, doing comedy, and being an assistant (oy). He has a dog and collects magazines with Lady Gaga on the cover, too.

Specialties: Fashion, shopping, hiking, creepy dolls

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Counselor Ross

Counselor Ross

Ross Tipograph studied film making at Emerson College while working for producers such as Anne Carey, Anthony Bregman, and Larry Fessenden. He’s an assistant in Los Angeles to good people (mostly gay!) and works towards producing real things. But he mostly just critiques gay-horror here and on Twitter: @GingerBredhaus.

Specialties: Horror comedies, drugs in horror, archery

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Counselor Chuckie

Counselor Chuckie

Counselor Chuckie (aka Andy Swist) is an artist and designer who lives in Brooklyn. He is also Brian’s husband, but don’t hold that against him. Andy is responsible for much of the visual magic behind CampBlood, including the awesome characters and the inspired portrait of Buzz above. He co-anchors the insanely popular Blood Work! True Blood vlog here at the Camp, and is also the guy behind the original online comic The Mystery at CampBlood!

Specialties: Comics, disco, kittens, foraging

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About the Author

Buzz created in 2003 to meet a need for a safe place for weirdos of all stripes to discuss horror movies from a queer perspective. Now that the campers have overtaken the Camp staff and locked them in the Arts & Crafts cabin he is questioning that decision.