“Being Human” (USA) Season 2 Premiere: What’dya Think?

Last night SyFy (pronounced “siffy”, I believe) premiered the second season of its American adaptation of the Brit hit supernatural drama Being Human. Last season I got frustrated pretty quickly with the show, but eventually it won me over – partly because it wasn’t afraid to take big liberties with its source material and stretch its narrative in new and different ways.

Well, it looks like we’re in for more curveballs this season. While the three basic plotlines (Josh and Nora dealing with the werewolf situation; Sally being hunted by dark forces as a result of her skipping her date with her door; Aidan becoming de facto vamp ruler now that Bishop is gone) remain pretty much the same, all the specifics are totally screwy.

Instead of vamps from his past (which Mitchell had to navigate on the UK version), Aidan (Sam Witwer, he of the most gorgeously fucked-up face on television) is being pulled further into the inner circle of the Old Ones (or whatever they call them), including a queen vamp known only as “Mother” and her apparently insane daughter. Could prove to be interesting!

Sally (Meaghan Rath), meanwhile, spent the episode at her high school reunion with two other ghosts, which made for some fun discussion of whether having a totally easy life means you also get a totally easy afterlife.

Josh (Sam Huntington) – who has put on some muscles, no? – got all nervous leading up to his first full moon with Nora (Kristen Hager) knowing his secret – and of course she had her own secret to deal with (that she was scratched the last time he turned).

There was a lot of “will she/won’t she” leading up to the full moon (SPOILER ALERT: She did.), and then they hit us with another looper: Heggeman (Terry Kinney) shot Josh with a silver bullet! WTF?! Considering that his character doesn’t even exist on the original show, having him prance in and maim a main character was pretty major. (Although my money’s on Nora taking him out before that final shot went off.)

Oh, heck – why am I still gabbin’ when you could watch the episode right here, right now? (Sorry, it’s not embedding, for whatever reason, but that link’ll take you there. Warning: You have to watch the ads and they are supernaturally annoying.)

Anyway, I thought the season kicked off with a bang (bad pun intended) and am really excited to see where they take things.

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