The Ring(tones): Mary Cherry runs for her life!

theringtonesmarycherryThe incomparable Leslie Grossman as the unhinged Mary Cherry on Popular

Sure, the biggest-buzzed new show of the season may be Fox’s blithely demented teen singing sensation Glee (and for good reason, ’cause it’s pretty awesome). But those of us who have been fans of series creator Ryan Murphy for the past decade or so know that when it comes to demented teens and over-the-top drama, he struck gold years ago with Mary Cherry from his first series, Popular.

So I’m thrilled to bring you kids the second in the Ring(tones) series: Mary Cherry’s telephone harassment freakout from the brilliant “I Know What You Did Last Spring Break” episode.

If you haven’t seen the episode, here’s the amazing scene that I pulled the clips from:

To download the ringtone for your iPhone, head on through the jump!

1. Right click this here link and download it to your desktop (“Save File As…”): Popular Mary Cherry Ringtone

2. Now here’s where it gets tricky, depending on your iTunes and your iPhone (Apple really doesn’t want us to be able to upload our own ringtones, so it’s a bit wonky). In your finder/explorer, drag the “MaryCherry” file into the Ringtones folder of your iTunes (it’s alphabetical amidst the band names – if there isn’t one there yet, just create one). Now go into your iTunes and use the “Add to Library” function (under Edit) to import the file into your ringtones menu in iTunes.

3. Now it still isn’t on your phone yet: To get it there, simply drag-and-drop the file from your iTunes Ringtones to your iPhone in the left-hand sidebar (NOT into your Ringtones menu on your iPhone, just the top-level iPhone menu – it won’t work the other way).

And this should do it! Again, iTunes is VERY buggy with this sort of thing, so you may have to try other drag-and-drop and Import methods to get the file to your iPhone, but it is possible.

Hope you likey – more to come!

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