Trailer Trash: “Jug Face” (2013)

I just had to share this with y’all because it’s totally bleepity-bleep insane and I think I might make it my sister-wife.

It’s Winter’s Bone meets The Wicker Man starring a Muppet Baby Kristen Stewart!

It’s the scariest movie ever about pottery!

It’s a love triangle between a girl, her brother, and a Kool-Aid puddle in the backyard!

And most importantly: IT STARS SEAN YOUNG.

I guess I could have said that last part first and you all could have guessed the rest, right? Because, I mean, come on – Sean Young.

Aaaaaanyincest, ENJOY!:

LOVE. Oh – and despite the rather misleading title, Jug Face is actually NOT about a lady with a third boob where her head should be. I SMELL A SEQUEL!!

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