“True Blood” 6.4 Clips and Cocktail: The Cherry Bomb

Hi, fine-fanged folks! First off, if it isn’t obvi already, we didn’t have a chance to do a Blood Work! recap last week, due to the holiday, work obligations, and a nasty sinus infection that laid me on my ass for a few days. (Plus, the episode wasn’t the most exciting, but that’s neither here nor there.) So on to this week!

Okay, this is finally starting to get interesting – Jason has a sex dream about Ben (which people generally only have about vampires, right?), Eric and Willa ride the horseys, and Andy’s kids have a faerie panty party.

Now, onto the booze! Since there’s an over-arching theme of “first timers” in these clips (J-bird’s first man-on-man nocturnal emission, Willa’s first taste of Eric, and the fairie girls’ first night out on the town), I thought it would be appropriate to choose a drink that was actually my first-ever taste of the firewater: The Cherry Bomb. There are tons of recipes for cherry bombs out there, but I picked the one that Andy’s brats would be most likely to drink as they rip Bon Temps a new one.

1 oz cherry vodka
2 oz Red Bull
Grenadine, to tase

Chill the vodka and Red Bull, then mix in a small glass, add grenadine, and down. Mentally prepare yourself for a killer sugar headache the next morning.

That’s it! Let’s hope tonight’s episode is the bomb!

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