CampBlood “House of Horrors” Ep. 3: Cannibal Thanksgiving!


I’m delighted to unveil the newest, bloodiest episode of House of Horrors, our horrifically helpful home projects show. This time around we tackle the tradition of the family meal, and present a recipe that is a cheap and easy alternative to roast Thanksgiving turkey: A Turkey Meat Face!


Along the way we look at family meals from some of our favorite horror movies (Serial Mom, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Cannibal Holocaust) and of course have a silly good time. I’m joined for the meaty fun by cartoonist and illustrator Tim Piotrowski (the Glitch series, Kool Aid Gets Fired), who shares some helpful tips on working with very sharp knives.


We hope you enjoy and have a great Thanksgiving, no matter whom you wind up having for dinner. Click through the jump for the video and links related to this episode’s recipe!

Turkey Meat Loaf Recipes (a few – any will work, just adjust to be 1.5 lbs ground turkey):

Emeril Lagasse

Ina Garten

Rachael Ray

And I got the inspiration for the provolone skin from the nuts at Thanks!

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