Campfire Tales: Has a movie ever made you physically ill?


I hope y’all are ready for another group therapy session … because it’s Campfire Tales time!

This week’s open thread topic is this:

Have you ever been made physically ill (read: Irish blood vomits, the trots, garden-variety booting) by a movie?

We hear all the time about people throwing up in the aisles or pooping themselves out of sheer terror because of this or that film, but has it ever happened to you?

I’ll share my own story after the jump … and then it’s all you, folks. Please share your stories so we can laugh at you learn and grow!


Okay, this might not be exactly what I’m outlining above, but I did once come down with a flu smack in the middle of a press screening of the Will Smith romantic comedy Hitch. I managed to make it through the movie (I wasn’t really sure what was going on) but the minute I got home to Brooklyn I started vomiting uncontrollably, which lasted for about two days.

So while I would like to say that Hitch made me hitch, I think it was really due to something else … and in all honesty, the movie wasn’t really THAT bad.

So what about you? Has Will Smith or anyone else triggered your gag reflex?

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