The Ring(tones): “Silent Night, Deadly Night” opening Christmas carol

silentdeadlycrotchThe gift that keeps on giving! (from Silent Night, Deadly Night)

For being one of the most maligned horror movies in history, there’s a lot about notorious slasher Silent Night, Deadly Night that’s impressively above-average … and I’m not just talking about the reindeer-toe that our bad Santa is cramming into those Mom jeans.

No, the producers of Silent-but-Deadly went all out, and had original – and creepy! – Christmas carols written specially for the film. The best of the bunch kicks off the movie in style, with an angelic lone child’s voice being violently interrupted by a jarring jumble of chords.

If you need a refresher, I used the opening song as the intro to the CampBlood Gift Guide video:

So I of course went ahead and created a ringtone of the carol (complete with the discordant skull-fuck at the end) for your holiday enjoyment. For instructions on how to download this seasonal ditty for your iPhone, click on below!

1. Right click this here link and download it to your desktop (”Save File As…”): Silent Night, Deadly Night Opening Titles Ringtone

2. Now here’s where it gets tricky, depending on your iTunes and your iPhone (Apple really doesn’t want us to be able to upload our own ringtones, so it’s a bit wonky). In your finder/explorer, drag the “SilentDeadly” file into the Ringtones folder of your iTunes (it’s alphabetical amidst the band names – if there isn’t one there yet, just create one). Now go into your iTunes and use the “Add to Library” function (under Edit) to import the file into your ringtones menu in iTunes.

3. Now it still isn’t on your phone yet: To get it there, simply drag-and-drop the file from your iTunes Ringtones to your iPhone in the left-hand sidebar (NOT into your Ringtones menu on your iPhone, just the top-level iPhone menu – it won’t work the other way).

And this should do it! Again, iTunes is VERY buggy with this sort of thing, so you may have to try other drag-and-drop and Import methods to get the file to your iPhone, but it is possible.

Hope you likey – more to come! For previous The Ring(tones) installments, head on over here!

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