“True Blood” gays update: “Ugly Betty” vet cast as Lafayette’s boo

kevinalejandrosantosKevin Alejandro

The Hollywood Reporter is … well, reporting … that actor Kevin Alejandro – most recently from Southland but possibly best remembered as wee gay Justin’s dad Santos from Ugly Betty – has been cast as Lafayette‘s love interest for Season 3 of True Blood.

I happened to love Santos (and Alejandro) from Ugly Betty, and not just because the poor guy met his untimely end while his jazz-handed son was appearing onstage in West Side Story in one of the most crushing season finales since Willow got buried by that bookcase on Buffy.

The report says Alejandro’s character, Jesus Velasquez, is “a good-natured Latino orderly” who is caring for Lafayette’s ailing mother, who has already been cast as the legendary Alfre Woodard (Scrooged).

So what do you think? First off, what’s the deal with Laffy’s mom appearing on the scene? And more importantly, is this new hunk of candystripe up to par for everyone’s favorite bitch-slapping Bon Temps resident?

A slew more pics (including a shirtless-but-bandaged snap), after the jump!

kevinalejandroshirtlessNo, that is not Illeana Douglas (from Ugly Betty)

kevinalejandroSouthland20Alejandro on Southland

56495719Alejandro as Alejandro

Kevin Alejandro as NateMore Southland

kevinalejandrobettyWith the amazing Ana Ortiz on Ugly Betty

kevinalejandrodriveFrom Drive


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