22 of the Best Names in Horror Movies

Imogen Poots in 28 Weeks Later

Now, I’m not talking “John Carpenter and Alfred Hitchcock” here. This list isn’t about the names of people who are the best in the biz, although some of them are perfectly adept at their chosen craft.

No, this is all about the people who actually have the best names.

As in:

“Seeing the name Yolanda Squatpump in the credits of Puppet Master II almost made up for having sat through Puppet Master II.

Come to think of it, maybe Alfred Hitchcock works after all…

Anyway, it’s as simple as that, people. Enjoy!

22 of the Best Names in Horror Movies

(note: in the interest of scope and WTF factor I’m limiting this list to actual cast and crew names, not character names)

orphanpounder“Pounder? I don’t even know ‘er!”

22. Carrie Snodgress, Actress (Trick or Treats, The Fury, The Forsaken)

21. CCH Pounder, Actress (Orphan, Psycho IV: The Beginning)

20. Tawny Kitaen, “Actress” (Witchboard)

19. Tammy Poo, Actress (Nudist Colony of the Dead)

18. Pino Donaggio, Composer (Carrie, Dressed to Kill, The Howling, The Fan, Tourist Trap)

17. Imogen Poots, Actress (28 Weeks Later)

poltergeisttanginaZelda Rubinstein as Paul Williams as Tangina in Poltergeist

16. Zelda Rubinstein, Actress (Poltergeist, Anguish)

15. Wiley Wiggins, Actor (The Faculty)

14. Screaming Mad George, FX Whiz (Hide and Go Shriek, Bride of Re-Animator, A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master)

13. Guido Baldi, Actor (Demons)

12. Larry Lawrence, Actor (Fatal Games)

11. Gunnar Hansen, Actor (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre)

jeanatomasinaJeana Tomasina in The Beach Girls

jeana-keoughJeana Tomasina in a living hell

10. Jeana Tomasina, Actress (10 to Midnight) and Motherfucking Real Housewife of Orange Motherfucking County!

9. Yolanda Squatpump, Make-Up Artist and Script Supervisor (Puppet Master II, Murder Weapon, Witchhouse 3)

8. Kitten Natividad, Actress (The Tomb, Zombie Ninja Gangbangers)

hugostiglitzHugo Stiglitz in Nightmare City

7. Hugo Stiglitz, Actor (Tintorera, Nightmare City)

6. Howley Smoot, Visual Effects Artist (Dark Waters, Darklight, Femalien)

5. Bunny Breckinridge, Actor (Plan 9 from Outer Space)

tanemcclureTanĂ© McClure (yes, she’s Doug McClure’s daughter)

4. Tané (aka Tane McClure), Actress (Crawlspace, Death Spa, Zombie Death House)

3. Agnes Moorehead, Actress (Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte, Dear Dead Delilah, What’s the Matter with Helen?)

2. Bill Fagerbakke, Actor (Jennifer’s Body, Halloween II)

… and the #1 awesomest name in horror movie history…

timothybottomslargeTimothy Bottoms

1. Timothy Bottoms, Actor (The Girl Next Door, Rollercoaster, Vampire Bats)

Any other fave names I’ve missed? Share ‘em in the comments, kids!

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