Watch and Discuss: “Happy Town” first 15 minutes

happytownHappy Towners

I’ve been cautiously optimistic about the new ABC show Happy Town since I started hearing about it a few months back … with the schedules overstuffed with police procedurals (admittedly gory ones, but still … meh), network primetime has been seriously lacking in the serialized horror department since the woefully undersung Harper’s Island ended with a nasty splash last year.

Enter Happy Town, which right off the bat sets off my Overly Ironic Title Alarm (see also: Romance, American Beauty, Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself) … but let’s not hold that against it just yet.

Town tells the tale of a predictably unhappy town plagued by disappearances, murders and castoff actors from other genre projects that I happen to dig. Cases in point: Hostel II‘s pretty/kickass Lauren German and Angel‘s Amy Acker. Himbo-in-waiting Geoff Stults is also pretty easy on the eyes, and may even be enough to distract from the fact that the show looks like a hybrid of Northern Exposure and Kiss the Girls (coincidentally, the first ep was directed by KtG director Gary Fleder).

geoffstultsGeoff Stults in October Road

The show premieres in a few weeks but ABC is tempting our tummies with the first 15 minutes online. Check it out after the break and share what you think!

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