CampBloodComics digest: The Haunted Studio, “The Mystery at CampBlood” continues, and more!

Nine SpooksIt’s Wednesday again (Ed: Oops! Thanks, Cinco de Mayo!), and that means there’s more story to see at The Mystery at CampBlood! Who’s going to catch Chucky and win a prize? Just what is the prize … and is it tax-free? Well, this week you can see how the dream ends. It’s past noon already, so if you haven’t seen it yet pop on over and find out.

This week CampBlood Comics also takes a look at the art world and highlights self-proclaimed “Painter of Dark” Lewis Barrett Lehrman, also known as “The Haunted Studio“. Most unique about his studio is that he works closely with his patrons to depict homes (real or imaginary) with a supernatural appeal to them. Most are bathed in eerie moonlight and littered with ghostly figures hiding in the shadows as Halloween pumpkins glow in the night. Lehrman’s work is creepy, but lacks a real sense of danger or violence which makes it perfectly safe to be treasured by any household.

There are several amazing works viewable in the gallery, many of which are available as prints suitable for framing. There are scenes both inside and out. One particular painting, Things That Go Bump In The Basement, shows a child climbing down into the basement as the furnace burns a fiery grin. It almost makes me wonder if this house is on Elm Street? Is that Freddy‘s ghost in the shadows?

Another amazing piece, “I Dream The Midnight Midway” shows an awesome haunted amusement park complete with a floating fortune teller booth. The attention to detail and storytelling quality of these images unfold the longer you study each piece. Did you ever want to live in a haunted house or dream of owning Dracula’s castle? Then Lewis Barrett Lehrman is the man that could make your dream nightmare come true. Visit The Haunted Studio and get all the creepy goodness.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #35

Don’t forget to visit your local comic shop. Arriving on shelves today is Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 #35 (Dark Horse) with an awesome cover by Jo Chen! Some other comic titles arriving today that you might be interested in checking out are: Angel Barbary Coast #2 (IDW), 28 Days Later #10 (BOOM! Studios), IZombie #1 (Vertigo), Stephen King’s N #3 (Marvel), and … dare I even mention Twi-Lit (the Twilight stoner parody from Antarctic Press)? Sheesh.

I’ll be back next week with more updates – in the meantime be sure to stop by CampBloodComics for more good stuff!

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