Campfire Tales: What’s your favorite horror sequel?


Heya, Campers – stop teasing Angela and gather ’round the weenie pit, because it’s time for another installation of our bug-spray-scented overshare feature, Campfire Tales!

This week’s topic stems from a post Counselor Kyle (who is currently hiding in Bunk C making friendship pins, although he thinks I don’t know it!) about the sequel to The Descent, which didn’t do it for him. It got me thinking: In the vast sea of sequels, which ones have hit home and which have deserved a big, fat raspberry? So this week’s Campfire Tales question is:

What’s your favorite horror sequel?

I’ll kick things off with a few of my faves, and then it’s your turn to share!

2003_jeepers_creepers_2_005Basketball players give the best head! (from Jeepers Creepers 2)

1. Jeepers Creepers 2

Simple: More shirtless guys. Done!

Seriously, though – Victor Salva improved vastly on his interesting-but-slight indie horror hit by jacking up the bodycount, complexity and intrigue by about 500%. It’s Jaws 2 on a schoolbus! Most of all, though, the movie’s just a hell of a lot of fun. And the sight of Al Santos‘s spectacular torso is worth the rental fee … with or without his head attached!

A few more of my faves, after the jump … then we wanna hear from you!

hostel2pic12Lauren German and friend in Hostel Part II

2. Hostel Part II

I was as surprised as anyone to enjoy Eli Roth’s first Hostel flick, and downright flabbergasted when its sequel ended up being even smarter and more satisfying than its predecessor. Lesbian intrigue, Roger Bart, Dawn Wiener, castration and exotic locales? Book it! (and check out my full glowing review)

amysteelginnyMy Fucking Hero (Amy Steel)

3. Friday the 13th Parts II, The Final Chapter, and Jason Lives

Yes, those are officially my favorite sequels to the landmark slasher franchise that made summer camp a nightmare for a generation and inspired this here very site. Each has its own merits (Ginny! Muffin! Corey Feldman!) and each – in my opinion – significantly advances the Jason mythology with style and class. Okay, maybe not class – but style, anyway. And bodycounts!

For reference, check out my back-to-back reviews of the original and the first sequel.

damienomen2Even the spawn of the devil likes a good ice-skate!

4. Damien: Omen II

Yes, this movie is a total shitshow. But it’s also an entertaining, ridiculous, and utterly trashy shitshow … and therefore completely fucking awesome. Lee Grant! Sylvia Sidney! And the nastiest crow since Heckyl and Jeckyll! I love how this movie desperately clings to its Old Hollywood pedigree while offering a slew of over-the-top kills that put half the Final Destination movies to shame. Check out my glowing review over here.

So what are YOUR favorite sequels?

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