Campfire Tales: What’s the Rockingest Horror Movie?


Happy Friday the 13th!

I see you’re already celebrating. Well, let’s put Mother’s head down for just a sec, shall we – it’s Campfire Tales time!

This week’s discussion topic stems from my experience earlier this week at Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (you may have heard that I had a total nerdgasm at the screening). The excellent garage rock in the movie made me think of some of my favorite horror movies that prominently featured rock-and-roll. So this week’s Campfire Tales question is…

What’s the best use of rock-and-roll in a horror movie?

I’ll high-kick things off with a few of my faves … then I wanna hear from you!

returndeadReturn of the Living Dead wants to party with you

1. Return of the Living Dead

Come on – how can you not love a movie that features zombies popping out of the ground to “Do you wanna par-taaaay? It’s PARTYTIME!”? This comedy sequel to Night of the Living Dead featured a bunch of punkers crashing a graveyard, and it put its money where its mouth was in terms of the soundtrack, which featured music from The Cramps, T.S.O.L., The Damned, and more. Rockin’ good news!

demons-top-stairsHey, is there a party? We brought dip!

2. Demons

Demons is actually somewhat famous for aggressively promoting its rock-and-roll soundtrack, which features prominently in the film. Billy Idol, Motley Crue, Pretty Maids and … Go West? Yes, in one of the most hilarious moments of this Italoclassic, a group of punks are introduced driving through West Berlin, snorting coke and blaring “We Close Our Eyes” … one of the un-punkest songs this side of Kenny Loggins. Still – the rest of the movie’s music more than makes up for it.

blackRosesHey, I didn’t know Tawny Kitaen had a brother!

3. Black Roses

Okay, don’t get me wrong – this movie fucking SUCKS. But I have to admit that some of the hair-metal doled out in this no-budget stinker is absolutely impossible to get out of your head. (“Makin’ our waaaay to paaaaaradiiiiiiiise…”) If you rent this one, just fast-forward to the hilariously awesome concert scenes.

Check out the trailer and see what I mean:

There are plenty more (and I left out some obvious ones) – but what are your favorite Rock and Roll Nightmares?

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