New “True Blood” paper dolls and Cubicle Puppet Show Theater winner!

samtaradollsSam and Tara show off their assets

That’s right, Campers: It’s that time of the week where we unleash more of Blood Work! co-host Andy Swist‘s adorable True Blood paper dolls, inspired by the characters from the runaway hit HBO show.

This week Andy has outdone himself by immortalizing the perfect pooper of one Sam Merlotte, who just haaaaappens to be my main man on the show. Thanks, hon! (Download and print the fun over here.)

Also up this week: Tara! That’s right, Bon Temps’ sassiest bartender joins the 2-dimensional cuties this week. Don’t forget that each week readers take snaps of their paper dolls at work (or at home) and send them in to, and each week we pick our favorite to receive an as-yet-to-be-determined prize in the Cubicle Puppetshow Theatre Contest. So download the dolls, and get snippin’ and snappin’!

Check out this week’s winner, below!

Here are a few late-week entries (the first batch went up on Friday):

Lafayette meets GodricFresca wanted to pursue the Lafayette/Godric possibilities…

IMG_0465And reigning champ Dorothea thinks Sam is being a chicken!

And this week’s winning entry is….

lolonakedSusan‘s drunken underwear party!

Thanks again to all who submitted this week, and please have fun with the new dolls (I know I will!) and send in your pics for the next round by showtime next Sunday!

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