“True Blood” Puppetshow Theater and this week’s new Paper Doll!


That’s right, kiddies: It’s time to welcome the newest member of Andy‘s growing True Blood Paper Doll collection … the clothing-challenged Jason Stackhouse!

Yes, Sookie‘s libidinous older brother is the latest addition to the growing horde of dress-me-up (or dress-me-down) fun – be sure to head on over to Andy’s website and check him out.

And that’s of course not all … after the jump check out the winner of this week’s True Blood Cubicle Puppetshow Theater contest!

And the winner is…


Adrienne cleverly composed a tableau with Sam, Lafayette and Tara standing behind the bar at Merlotte’s as Sookie and Bill hung out behind her keyboard. Nice work, Adrienne! You’ve joined the esteemed company of Dorothea and Susan and will receive a special prize, as soon as we get our shit together and figure out what that prize might be.

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