Tail from the Crypt: Robert Rusler from “NOES2″, “Vamp” and more


Back in the mid-to-late ’80s you would be hard-pressed to find a hotter horror himbo than Robert Rusler. Possibly best known for his portrayal of best friend/object of repressed gay lust Grady in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Wiener-Popping Hot Tub Party (full review over here), Rusler appeared in a handful of hot teen genre flicks (Vamp, Weird Science) before moving on to mostly television, where he still works today:

robertruslernowStill got it!

Rusler’s “hairless, tan, and cocky” routine was emblematic of the era (and Falcon Studios gay porn) and his death scene in NOES2 actually brought me to tears once as a young’un. (To quote Heathers: “Jesus God in heaven, why’d to have to kill such hot snatch?”)

Hot snatch Case in point:


By all accounts Rusler has matured into quite a hot daddy-type, but we’ll always remember him as the cold-cream material that got pinned to his own bedroom door by his somewhat gayish best friend.

Plenty more snaps of Rusler from NOES2, Vamp, and more, after the jump!

ruslerbitchpleaseGrady gives Jesse a “bitch, please…”

ruslergradyremoteOh to be that pleather comforter…

ruslergradypoundGrady is terrified by either Freddy or the poster of the gay guy from Kajagoogoo

ruslergradyshortsOh to be those dolphin shorts… (and again: LiMahl? Really?)

ruslergradyfinal“Jesus God in heaven, why’d you have to kill such hot snatch?”

robertruslervamp2A few stills of Rusler fighting off Grace Jones (and Dedee Pfeiffer) in Vamp

robertruslerdepantsNOES2‘s famous de-pantsing scene (with Mark Patton)

robertruslerdepants2And one more, for good measure…

robertruslershirtlessAnd he’s patriotic, too! (No idea.)

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