Tail from the Crypt: Jason Beghe from “Monkey Shines”

tailcryptjasonbegheJason Beghe

Last year Hollywood was rocked – rocked, I say! – when an actor and former Scientologist came forward to speak publicly against the religion, which he claimed employed brainwashing techniques, attempted to ruin his career, and told him that he was in a near-fatal car crash because there was a gay person in the car. (Seriously.)

Entertainment news shows may have been rocked by the interview footage, but this gay was rocked because the actor in question, Jason Beghe, had fueled about 70% of his teenage bathroom “alone time” thanks to his wonderfully in-the-buff turn in George Romero’s 1988 simian horror flick Monkey Shines.

jasonbeghesweaterThe late 80′s were kind to no one.

While Jason spends almost the entire movie paralyzed from the neck down, that doesn’t stop him from proudly displaying one of the hottest bods to ever grace the scarlet screen. Who knew that getting a sponge bath from Joyce Van Patten could be so damn sexy?!

More of Beghe’s considerable talents (some are mildly NSFW) – and his notorious Scientology interview – after the jump!

jasonbeghemonkeystretchJason shows us what he’s workin’ with

jasonbeghebedJason shows some cleavage

jasonbeghemonkeyshinesAaaaand stretch!

jasonbeghemonkeywashSpongebath Mypants!

jasonbeghegijaneJason in G.I. Jane

jasonbeghesmallsJason in his favorite sweater

And in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the full interview about Scientology, released in April 2008.

Anyone else hold a special place in their heart for Mr. Beghe, or any other himbos from horror movies past? Share ‘em in the comments!

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