“True Blood” Paper Doll bonus and Grand Prize contest update!


We promised we’d have SOMETHING for you fangbangers in the off-week of both True Blood and our impossibly entertaining Blood Work! video recap series (zzzzzz…), and here it is: A bonus sheet for Andy’s True Blood Paper Dolls, with an array of fancy new outfits for your favorite characters, including some CampBlood t-shirts and totes! (I’m particularly fond of the “Zombies Ate My Boyfriend” tee for Lafayette…)

You may notice that there are outfits here that don’t seem to have a doll that they fit on … yet. Mayhaps it’s a clue as to who might be arriving in 2-D for the finale? Oooooooh!! Anyway, to download and print the high-quality file of this bonus sheet and all the other sets, head on over to Andy’s website!


humbertsrevengeHumbert’s Revenge

We’ve worked out the prizes for the ongoing Cubicle Puppetshow Theater Contest: The weekly winners will each receive a limited edition extra-extra-large Humbert’s Revenge magnet (super-cool, yo), and a one-of-a-kind printout of their week’s doll, signed by the artist his very damn self. Thanks again to those who played and won, and we appreciate your patience as we got our shizz together.


There’s one week left to win, and one super-duper prize pack for the Big Winner! That’s right, the winner of the Grand Prize Week (starting now and going through next Friday – September 18th – at Midnight EDT) will win all the prizes noted above, PLUS a Humbert’s Revenge t-shirt and Christmas ornament. Couldya die? Who wouldn’t want our bitchy, stub-tailed little ball of love and poop plastered all over their house, I ask ya?

Anyway, please enjoy this week’s illustrated fun, and be sure to send in your pics by next Friday.

In the meantime, any predictions on what the eff is gonna go down in the finale?

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