Poll: Will you be checking out “The Vampire Diaries” tonight?

vampirediariesIan Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley

Sure, alternate titles for the series might have included The Twilight Diaries, Dawson’s Crypt and True Blood Lite: Half the Calories, None of the Louisiana Realness. And yes, I have a bad habit of substituting the word “Diarrhea” into any title with “Diaries” in it.

The Vampire Diarrheas, Or, Pardon Me, But Your Blood is in My BM

Still, I tend to look forward to a new Kevin Williamson project more than I probably should. I mean, let’s face it: Yes, the proudly gay scribe rebooted the teen horror craze with Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer and The Faculty and gave us a few solid seasons of Dawson’s Creek … but he also pooped out Cursed, WasteLAnd and Teaching Mrs. Tingle.

So will you be giving the benefit of the doubt and checking out tonight’s premiere of the impossibly sexy new teen vampire drama? Vote in the poll and see what your fellow Campers think!

And if you chose the last answer, check out the trailer after the jump!

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