CampBlood’s Best and Worst of 2010: You Voted, I Counted!

Last week I put it to you, the Campers, to vote for your most – and least – favoritest horror entertainments of the past year. I’ve compiled the results and have organized them below for all to see. I’ve also included my personal votes in each category, because it’s my website and I can do whatever I want. Suck it!

So without further ado…

Best Horror Movie of the Year

Winner: Black Swan (review) - 36%
Runner-Up: Let Me In (review) – 15%
My Vote: Black Swan

Worst Horror Movie of the Year

Winner: A Nightmare on Elm Street (review) – 25%
Runner-Up: Saw 3D - 11%
My Vote: A Nightmare on Elm Street

After 20-something proudly retarded sequels, I don’t actually consider the Saws to be movies anymore. They’re more like persistent toenail fungus with bodycounts.

Best Horror TV Show of the Year

Winner: True Blood (recaps) – 52%
Runner-Up: The Walking Dead (recaps) – 22%
My Vote: Dead Set

Pound for pound, the British miniseries about a zombie apocalypse set in the Big Brother compound was the meanest, funniest, goriest, smartest, and most screamworthy show for me this year. But I’d have been happy with either True Blood or Dexter.

Worst TV Show of the Year

Winner: The Vampire Diaries - 42% … ouch!
Runner-Up: The Walking Dead – 16%
My Vote: The Vampire Diaries

I actually have seen about 4 minutes of VD, so my vote here was really due to the fact that all of the other shows were so strong, by comparison to what I saw.

Horror Hunk of the Year

Winner: Joe Mangianello as Alcide on True Blood – 28%
Runner-Up: Alexander Skarsgard as Eric on True Blood - 26%
My Vote: Joe, harder and more often. I mean, come ON. Do you hear that tinkling sound? That was me releasing the last of my dusty, dried-up eggs just looking at these pictures.

Horror Queer of the Year

Winner: Russell Edgington from True Blood – 25%
Runner-Up: Denis O’Hare as Russell Edgington on True Blood – 17%
My Vote: Russell Edgington

Even though Denis O’Hare split the vote for being a kickass gay actor in a kickass gay role, he still won for his fangtaaaaaaaastic onscreen alter-ego. (Really, though – aren’t we the winners here?)

Gross-Out Moment of the Year

Winner: Bill & Lorna’s Sex Scene from True Blood – 34%
Runner-Up: The Human Centipede: “Feed her!” – 27%
My Vote: The Human Centipede. I’m seriously scarred for life. (review)

Most Memorable Horror Moment of the Year

Winner: Russell Edgington’s Spine-Ripping Newscast on True Blood – 46%
Runner-Up: Lorena’s Head Twist on True Blood – 20%
My Vote: Russell FTW

Most Needless Sequel of the Year

Winner: Saw 3D – 28%
Runner-Up: The Descent Part II (review) – 20%
My Vote: The Descent. Why fuck with perfection?

Worst Remake of the Year

Winner: A Nightmare on Elm Street – 57% … ouch Part 2!
Runner-Up: The Wolfman – 18%
My Vote: NOES. I actually rather liked The Wolfman! (review) And seriously, Freddy fucking bit the big one.

Overall, This Year’s Horror Entertainment Was…

Movies: Okay (48%)
Television: Great! (49%)

Agreed on both counts. This year the small screen was where it was at, despite all 3D attempts to get asses into theater seats. Thanks to cable shows continuing to push the envelope in terms of gore and over-the-top subject matter (while telling compelling stories along the way, on good days), television reigned supreme.

If I Had to Describe This Year’s Horror in One Word, It Would Be…

(A sample of my favorite responses)

A bit poo, really.
(Hambone, you!)
(several of these)

And my personal favorite:


So there you have it. Overall it seems like many folks felt that this year was one of either treading water or regrouping … although I’m not sure toward what. I’m glad that we had great episodic horror like Dexter, True Blood, Being Human and Dead Set (and The Walking Dead, on most weeks) to keep our bloodlust sated for the better part of a year when most of the horror films were either lousy remakes, toothless sequels or “nice tries”.

Thanks to everyone who voted, and here’s to a great 2011! (Now can someone please release a good horror flick to get the taste of Nicolas Cage out of our mouths? Thanks!)

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