Horror Webseries Worth a Look: “The Dead Hour”

From The Dead Hour‘s “Donor”

This week I got tipped off to a new-ish online horror anthology called The Dead Hour that posts a new 15-minute horror short every other week. I checked out the site and was delighted to see that the entries thus far are well-made and nicely presented, and – perhaps most importantly – feature a lot of Midwestern guys with their shirts off.


The Dead Hour is the work of Omaha-based horror filmmaker Daniel B. Iske. (Yes, THAT Omaha.) Iske and his compatriots have whipped up a solid series that looks like it has a lot of room for some fun developments down the line, based on its open invite for new collaborators. It’s a great use of online media to bring like-minded creative types together.

But again, let’s focus on the shirtless guys.

From “Alcoholic Vampire”

Yes, the lead fellas in the shorts are pretty easy on the eyes and have a habit of losing their clothing – which must be cold in Omaha! The handsome gent in “Alcoholic Vampire” spends as much time bare-titted as not, but I actually have a soft spot for the adorably conflicted guy at the center of “Donor”. Nothing is a bigger turn-on than a cute guy sporting a bloody dressing, right?

It’s also one of the stronger of the films, IMHO, so I’ll embed it here for all to enjoy:

Anyway, I’ll let you take a peek and see what you think. I could do without the Midnight Caller-esque wraparounds, but they’re at least short and to-the-point. Some are better than others, but hey – this is indie horror, after all, and if nothing else these folks have devised a fun and unique collaborative online horror venture. Plus, it’s free, so shut the fuck up.


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