“True Blood” Paper Doll contest Grand Prize winner!


IMG_0430Undead paper babies need the most love!

That’s right, folks: We’ve come to the end of our Blood Work Too! True Blood Paper Doll Cubicle Puppetshow Theater Contest Thingy, and we’ve picked a winner from all the wonderfully creative (and occasionally a bit creepy!) submissions that have graced our inbox. Above you will find the final round’s winner: Misha!

While Misha’s maternity ward submissions may be a bit less complicated than some others (I’ve included a handful of our other faves, after the jump!), there’s just something about knowing that she took the time to set up vampire paper dolls in a baby-bakery that just warms the heart. Talk about healthcare reform!

Big thanks to Misha, who wins a Humbert’s Revenge t-shirt, a Humbert’s Revenge Christmas ornament and super-size magnet, and a full set of the paper dolls signed by the artist hisself, Andy Swist.

Again, thanks to everyone who helped make this feature so much fun, and watch this space for even more horrorific crafting projects. (Seriously, we have more in the works!)

More of our favorites, below…

Burning QuestionsFresca chose a “burning questions for Season 3″ theme,
and added a homemade Meat Tree!

IMG_5585Which is worse: Being forced to sell V or having to do TPS reports? (t/y Carin!)

IMG_0254Carin also got her cupcake on, and even added a big-ass pig!

IMG_0252Julie also found her inner bakemaster … but not poor Tara’s body!

the weddingAdrienne found herself in a wedding mood with the above creation.

anitasamhomeAnita sent in a domestic and oddly beautiful “V: True Hollywood Story” series,
including the above candid shots of Sam.

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