Tail from the Crypt: Cooper Huckabee in “The Funhouse”

These days most folks might know actor Cooper Huckabee as wizened hillbilly sadist Joe Lee Mickens on HBO’s True Blood. But us horror fans have fond memories of a Huckabee of days gone by – namely as Buzz, the humpy hero of Tobe Hooper‘s gleefully deranged The Funhouse (1981).

With or without Huckabee, The Funhouse is an utter joy (it’s available on Netflix Instant, if you’re interested). But it’s definitely better with him – packed into the world’s tightest polo shirt and jeans, the actor is a beefcake wonder to behold. Is it a coincidence that my nom de blog happens to be the same as his character’s? Only my hairdresser knows for sure!

As Joe Lee Mickens on True Blood

So let’s enjoy these images of Cooper in his prime, and try to forget about the whole Mickens shitshow, shall we? We heart Huckabee, indeed!

In profile

Strong man!

With Elizabeth Berridge

Yes, please!

A taste of the backside

Who ordered the himbo served sunny-side-up by a deranged robotic clown?

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