Pre-Halloween Megapost: You’re Soaking in It!

Me and Andy at our friends Kim and Eric’s 1921-themed Halloween Blow.
(Um, we’re Sherlock Holmes and Watson)

Three more days till Halloween, Halloween, Halloween

Three more days till Halloween



Hello Campers, gorehounds, ‘weeners and everything in-between! Being the Season of the Weeotch and all, I am of course nipples-deep in horror movies, craft projects, theme parties, and miniature Kit Kats. Seriously, is there a name for people who have a fetish for tiny, individually-wrapped candy bars? If so, I’m that.

Anyway, going into the weekend I wanted to get into the swing of things and share some of the fun shit I’ve been coming across lately that’s Halloween-related. Some are craft projects or recipe ideas, some are costumes, and some are just plain fun. Enjoy!

10 Geeky Halloween Cupcake and Cake Projects

A few of these cuppycake and cake ideas are really adorbs – if you need to add some wow factor to a Halloween party, take a peek!

“Ask About My Zombie Disguise” and Other Horror Tees from Crazy Dog

I love Crazy Dog Tees (my WWJD? shirt is one of my faves) and they’ve outdone themselves this year with the above shirt. I love it! Plus, right now it’s only $11.99 and there’s still time to ship before the big night!

50 Horror Movie Spoilers in 4 Minutes:

Dexter Candy Blood Slide Recipe

I ran this last year but it’s too awesome to leave out – these would be GREAT snacks to make for a Halloween party! Even the most discerning Dark Passenger would approve.

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Horror Movies?

I devised this quiz for AfterElton and I’ll admit it pissed off a ton of people because some of the questions were a bit tricky or too hard. I sorry!

CampBlood House of Horrors Halloween Special

An oldie but a goodie: Mummy Trick-or-Treat Bag How-To, Lady’s Fingers Recipe, Ghoul Make-Up How-To, and much more!

50+ of the Most Hilarious Horror Movies

I wrote this piece for AfterElton and it went up today – lotsa videos and fun stuffs.

Buzz’s 2009 Halloween Horror Movie Watchlist

I made this list up a few years back but it’s still golden!

21 Creepy Music Videos

This is a pretty good list – a few of the entries have already appeared here in our Earbleed feature but there are some doozies that I’ve never seen. The above clip is for St. Vincent‘s “Cruel”.

Campfire Tales: What’s the Best Halloween Costume You Ever Wore?

I asked this question a few years back – if you never answered, we’re still waiting!

Have you guys found any fun Halloween posts/stories/lists/projects worth mentioning? Share ‘em in the comments!

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