Horror Happenings (NYC): Gay vampires and scary movies


Just a quick note about two horror-related events going on in New York City that might be of particular interest to you bunch of nutters…

First, tonight the Nightmare Haunted Attraction – whose theme this year is Vampires – is hosting a “Boys Nightmare Out“, where the entire attraction will pretty much go gay for the evening. HOT! This could be epic.

I checked out Nightmare the year it opened and thought it was the biggest waste of money and time ever, but I’ve heard it’s gotten considerably better, so I’m gonna check it out. And besides, who can resist the draw of ghoulish go-go boys and bars located within the haunted house? Eat your heart out, Walt Disney.

The crazy kids at the Nightmare have whipped up this here little trailer for the event:

They’re offering discount tickets for Boys Nightmare Out if you buy online (use the code GAYNIGHT1 when you buy tickets for tonight from 6-10 and you’ll get the deal).

thebroodFrom The Brood

Also worth checking out this week is Lincoln Center’s Scary Movies 3, an annual horror fest at the Walter Reade Theater. The series started Monday (oops.) but there are plenty of great flicks still worth catching, including Who Could Kill a Child?, Dead-Alive, The Brood, Long Weekend (one of my faves!!), Creepers, and the intriguing new flick 100 Feet, which stars Famke Janssen (X-Men, Lord of Illusions) as a woman on house arrest for killing her abusive husband in self-defense is haunted … by her very angry ex!

Plus, John Landis will appear to do Q&A after American Werewolf tomorrow night, which should be a blast. For tickets and information, check out the Scary Movies 3 website.

Oh, and they also have been so kind as to whip up a trailer:

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