Blood Work! “True Blood” Video Recaps

This is the place to find the links to all of our Blood Work! vlogs, where Andy and Brian giddily discuss the bizarre, bloody, and bootylicious goings-on in the world of HBO’s hit supernatural series, True Blood.

The page is a work in process, so bear with us – we’re updating from 4 long, booze-soaked years of videos on various servers and sites.

Click on vlog title below to view any ep. Enjoy!!

Blood Work! Season Four

4.12: “Trick or Treat?”

4.11: “Stop, Drop, and Roll”

4.10: “Terry 9-1-1″

4.9: “The Monster Box”

4.8: “The Lyin’, the Witch, and Maxine’s Wardrobe”

4.7: “Eric Smokes After Sex”

4.6: “I Alpha’d You a Bit Hard Last Night”

4.5: “The World Needs More Beekepers”

4.4: “Fix My Maker!”

4.3: “I’m Not Your F*cking Dinner”

4.2: “You’re Covered in Queen”

4.1: “We Must Have Got Our Drag Queens Mixed Up”

Blood Work! Tres

3.12: “That’s a NAP!”

3.11: “Where’s My F*CKING WHISKEY??”

3.10: The Sequel

3.10: Part 1

Special Video: Talbot by Derek Northmann

3.9: “… Tiffany?”

3.8: “They Killed Our Cooters!”

3.7: Escape From Lilith Faire

3.6: “Suck Whatever’s Left”


3.4: “Ring Ring, Hookah!”

Special Video: BloodLine

3.3: “Twist and Shout”

3.2: “Beautifully Batshit”

3.1: Some Weres Over the Rainbow

Blood Work! Too!

2.12: “Always the Bridesmaids”

2.11: “Alright, Who Laid the Egg?”

2.10: “New World in Our View”

2.9: “We Will Rise Up (After a Quick Nap)”

2.8: “Way Beyond the Valley of the Dolls”

2.7: “Taste the Rainbow”

2.6: “Pussycat Blues”

2.5: “Tubthumping!”

2.4: “Shake and Fingerpop”

2.3: “Scratches”

PLEASE NOTE: Before Ep. 2.3, the Blood Work! vlogs were hosted on another website, and that site does not seem to be offering the vids anymore. We’ll leave the links below in the event that they repost the videos – but for now, the links go to blog posts without video. Sorry!

2.2: “The Makeover Episode”

2.1: “We Wanna Do Bad Things With You”

Blood Work! Season 1

1.12: “Fangs for the Memories”

1.11: “Sometimes, Dead is Better.”

1.10: “I Go Through More Boyfriends That Way…”

1.9: “We’re Here, We’re Were-Cats, Get Used to It!”

1.8: “Pumpkin Guts and Muddy Buttocks”

1.7: “Curling Up By the Fire with Joe Zaso”

1.6: “Nelsan Ellis and Some Damn Good Pie”

1.5: “Home Sweet House of Horrors”

1.4: “Jason Gets an Eggplant”

1.3: “A Vampire in Brooklyn”

1.2: “Drunk on Blood”

Premiere Ep: Taking a Bite Out of “True Blood”

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