Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blood Work! "True Blood" video blog 2.7: Taste the rainbow!

In this week's Very Special Blood Work, Andy and I taste-test the new TruBlood carbonated beverage. Will we prefer it cold, hot, or with vodka? I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count.

Plus, we of course discuss the wacky seventh episode of True Blood Season Two, "Release Me". What of Eggs and Little Miss Baconpants? What of zombie whores and skank hos? And can the show ever again reach the brilliance of Sarah Newlin's "Golfcart of the Valkyries" moment?

All this and a heck of a hangover await, below. Hurry ... it's going faster than fritters on a fat farm!

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tru Blood beverage: This had better mix with liquor

So we just got a bottle of Tru Blood in the mail from the delicious folks at HBO ... just in time for Unemployed Homosexual Cocktail Hour (Part 1 of 7, daily)!

I'm intrigued by the flavor (blood orange), a bit disturbed by the nutritional content (mammamiadassalotta niacin and B12 ... is real blood high in these, I wonder?) and convinced that even if it tastes more like actual blood than fruit, it will still be more appetizing than Red Bull.

We're going to crack open the bottle and taste it on our next Blood Work! True Blood vlog, so be sure to check back next Tuesday to find out what O-Positive tastes like.

And if you can't wait for our review to pre-order your own (the drink ships out in early September), head on over to the Tru Beverage website and order up a 12-pack.

Like this one!
Or that one!

Or this one!
Or that one!
Note: You cannot actually order Ryan Reynolds, gun cases, or reality star douchebags from the Tru Blood site. Did I mention that I'm already wasted? Wheee!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blood Work! "True Blood" video blog 2.6: "PussyCat Blues"

Betcha didn't know that apart from being a vampire, a skilled pumpkin-carver, a doting husband and the self-appointed captain of Team Bill, Andy is also an accomplished megaphone crooner.

It's true! Andy lets his old-timey colors (or lack thereof) show in the latest installment of Blood Work Too!, in which we discuss the croontastic latest episode of True Blood, "Hard-Hearted Hannah".

Will the pussycats get sober? Will we run out of gin? And will we ever get the color back in our apartment?

Watch to find out!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Anna Paquin on the "True Blood" triangle: "Man-love is a really beautiful thing"

EW's Ausiello sat down with Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgård at San Diego Comic Con to discuss True Blood's growing popularity and the budding Bill/Sookie/Eric triangle.

The trio delivered some cute and non-committal banter on the topic, with Stephen suggesting, "Eric and Bill definitely get together" and Anna responding, "man-love is a really beautiful thing". Ahhhhhh we should only be so lucky.

And don't forget to join us after the show tonight on Loving True Blood in Dallas to discuss all the latest developments!

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Join us Sunday night on "Loving True Blood" Blogtalk radio!

Stephen Moyer and Mariana Klaveno

That's right, the lovely and talented Dallas of the Loving True Blood blog and radio show has invited us back on to discuss tomorrow night's Big Bill Episode of True Blood, where it looks like everyone's favorite pasty-delicious Civil War vet will reconnect with his vampire Mama, Lorna Doone. (Lorraine? Loofah? ... Okay, it's Lorena.)

I'll post the widget here tomorrow night prior to the 10:30EDT start time, or you can pop over to Loving True Blood in Dallas in the meantime and check out all the vamp-lovin' awesomeness there.

And here's the widget for the show, which we'll be on shortly. Join Usssssss!!

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The 7 Best Animated Lafayette GIFs

Hey, Hookah fans! Over on the CampBlood.org Video page I've posted seven of the best animated GIFs that I could find of everyone's favorite sass-slingin', afghan-lovin' fry cook, Lafayette Reynolds (Nelsan Ellis). (Note: It may take the page a minute or two to load due to the sheer ghetto fabulousness contained therein.)

I'm also in the process of cleaning up the Blood Work Too! vlogs and adding some embedded video where once were only download links (technology is advancing faster than a staph infection at a David Barton Gym!). Unfortunately, the now-legendary Stephen Geoffreys Intimate Portrait will likely never find its way onto a video streaming site, for obvious reasons ... but it's still ripe for downloadin'!

And yes, as many of you have kindly pointed out, the Season 1 Blood Works that once lived on the video page are no longer working, so I've had to remove all the embeds (as helpful commenter Ian pointed out, you can still view the videos over here). I have no idea what the deal is there, but so be it. We sally forth. Heck, sometimes we even Mary Worth!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blood Work! "True Blood" video blog 2.5: Tubthumping!

That's right, ladies and germs: We're back with the latest installment of Blood Work Too!, our very own True Blood recap vlog.

This week we discuss bathtub handjobs, hotel porn, the voluptuous horror of Ed Quinn, and whether or not Bill has to "warm it up" before he and Sookie play hide-the-stake. So basically it's like your typical episode of The View, only in our case the undead isn't limited to Barbara Walters.


Enjoy it all below!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Blood Work! "True Blood" video blog 2.4: "Shake and Fingerpop"

Yes, we're back to recap the latest episode of the increasingly horny HBO vampire show, True Blood, with our sexed-up take on 2.4, "Shake and Fingerpop".

Find out what happens when Andy lets me drink Yoo-Hoo, our thoughts on sploshing, and with whom we'd Like to Do Bad Things this week, below!

(Note: No cats were harmed, emotionally scarred or impregnated in the making of this video.)

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trailer Fabulous: "Jennifer's Body"

When I read eons ago that Diablo Cody was making a horror movie about a cheerleader possessed by a man-eating demon I was cautiously optimistic. Then I actually saw Transformers and realized that Megan Fox is about as interesting to watch as a bowl of oatmeal, so my hopes were dampened somewhat.

But this red-band trailer for the movie (which also stars Amanda Seyfried, Adam Brody and OMG Amy Sedaris!) is actually pretty fun, if not a bit too similar to Ginger Snaps for its own good. (Seriously, it's pretty much the same movie, from the looks of it.)

Thoughts? Oh, and one more thing: Maybe the studio should come up with another poster idea that isn't, ohIdunno, EXACTLY LIKE THE SEASON ONE POSTER FOR TRUE BLOOD?

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Videodrama: The Voluptuous Horror of Karen O

Since a lot of folks in the States are coasting through the day before the holiday starts tomorrow, I thought I'd post a few fun horror-related music videos from one of my favorite bands, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

In an oddly prescient move, the band opted for some Michael Jackson imagery for the video for their latest single, "Heads Will Roll", which also features some wonderfully grand guignol moments near the end.

It's not the first time the band has mined horror tropes for its videos. Back on their first album, the Yeahs brought video wonderkind Spike Jonze on-board to direct the wonderfully creepy evil kid party for "Y Control":


Bondage imagery and entomological horror made the video for "Pin" one of the creepiest stop-motion pieces I've ever seen:

And their concert DVD, Tell Me What Rockers to Swallow, has old-timey horror monsters as its central visual theme.

So it shouldn't be surprising that True Blood is on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs party bus, having used their song "Phenomena" (off of Show Your Bones) in one of the promos for Season Two:

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blood Work "True Blood" video blog (2.3): "Scratches"

Hi kids! We're busy adjusting to the new video situation and will likely be trying out some new stuff and different video servers over the next few episodes, but the latest vlog is up and running!

Note: No gay husbands were injured during the making of this video.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Listen to Andy and Brian on "Loving True Blood" Blogtalk Radio!

Hey, y'all! Just click the above widget to listen to the podcast replay (it should be available for replay at about midnight EDT. It was a blast, and HUGE thanks to Dallas for inviting us on the show, asking such great questions and being such a doll overall about our silly little video thingy! Keep up with her over here on her site.

One thing that a pal pointed out: Andy used the word "pantaloons" in the show, which reminded me of what is easily the best 6 seconds in the history of television. Please to enjoy:

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CampBlood on the radio, "True Blood" 2.3 and more!

Well hello there! For those of you who may be new to the Camp, please pick up your laundry bags and bug spray and have a seat at one of the picnic tables.

Thanks to my newfound unemploy, CampBlood will now be the spot to find new episodes of our Blood Work True Blood video blog (Episode 2.3 is currently in production!), and of course any ramblings (horror-related or no) that happen along.

If you're just joining us, welcome and have a look around - the buttons on the right will take you to the flagship CampBlood site, which features hundreds of horror movie and musty Movie of the Week reviews, the Homo Horror Guide, video bits, interviews, pictorials, and lots of other ridiculous stuff.

Humbert wants to scratch your back.

Oh, and don't forget to check out our shop and pick yourself up a CampBlood t-shirt, coffee mug or slumber party poster, so that you can spread our filthy gospel in style!

I'm also very excited to announce that tonight Andy and I will be appearing on the Loving True Blood in Dallas blog radio show at 10PM EDT to talk about the show, our vlog series, and much more. Do join us and call in with your questions!

Jim Parrack as Hoyt Fortenberry

So in the meantime, what did y'all think of last night's True Blood ("Scratches")? Are we getting excited about The Best Little Orgy House in Bon Temps? Is Lafayette out of harm's way? What of Little Lord Fortenberry? And just what does Daphne Butterfingers think she's doing messin' around with my man?!?!?

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blood Work "True Blood" video blog Ep. 9: We're here, we're were-cats, get used to it!

That's right, folks: time for another of our weekly Blood Work True Blood video blog recaps! This week Andy and I took a cue from Bon Temps' hairiest resident and decided to come out to the world ... as were-cats!

Please, no pussy jokes. Just head on over to the CampBlood Video page, and enjoy!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blood Work "True Blood" video blog Ep. 8: Pumpkin guts and muddy buttocks!

Hey kids - there's a new Blood Work vlog up, and it's got that "new pumpkin smell"! That's right, Andy devised some sweet-ass True Blood jack-o-lantern templates that we give a try in this week's ep as we discuss Sunday's gay-vampire-heavy, dirty-cemetery-sex-filled True Blood.

Check it out over on the CampBlood Video page, where you can also find a link to download your own carving templates!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Blood Work "True Blood" video blog Ep. 7: Joe Zaso to the rescue!

Okay, you guys owe me big-time. In the name of gay horror fans everywhere, I subjected myself to an hour of time in front of a roaring (fake) fireplace with the hideously deformed and totally shirtless horror himbo Joe Zaso. I know, I know - the things I will put myself through for you people!

Truth be told, Joe is a doll and a wonderful co-host, and I'd lie on his bearskin rug anytime. Yes, that's a euphemism. At any rate, we discuss episode seven of True Blood, and it's a doozy!

Enjoy all the sexiness over on the CampBlood Video page!!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New "Blood Work" video blog (Ep 6): Nelsan Ellis and some damn good pie

Hey, vampire-lovers (and vampire lovers)! The Blood Work video blog is back to discuss this week's pie-heavy episode of True Blood, and it features a very very special guest: Nelsan Ellis, the actor who plays Bon Temps' sassiest short-order-cook (slashdrugdealerslashprostitute). It's just a taste of a full interview I'll be running in a few weeks, but I thought it worked into this week's vlog nicely so there ya go.

It's up over at the CampBlood Video page, so check it out!

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Monday, October 6, 2008

New "Blood Work" video blog (Ep 5): Home Sweet House of Horrors

Heya, sickos. I have a brand new Blood Work vlog covering last night's !SHOCKING! episode of True Blood (OMGICAN'TBELIEVETHEYDIDTHAT), and for the special occasion I roped horror filmmaker Bryan Norton, who brought us the fabulously spine-chilling haunted house tale Penny Dreadful, into letting me crash his apartment. Trust me, it is truly a mind-boggling museum of horror movie memorabilia, one-of-a-kind nasties, and ... like ... other shit.

To check out his pad and our scintillating conversation, head on over to the CampBlood Video page! Wheeeeeeee!

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Friday, October 3, 2008

New updated CampBlood Video page!

So in order to not drive everyone cuckoobananas with the Blood Work vlogs, I've updated the dusty old CampBlood Video page (which was really as creaky as Betsy Palmer's knees by this point) with a Blood Work section, and will be adding some other tasty video treats as time goes by.

If you haven't checked out the vlog yet, it's up to
Episode 4: The Continuing Adventures of Jason Stackhouse's Penis, and it's kinda fun shit. Do take a spin!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blood Work Ep. 2: Drunk on Blood

Are you watching True Blood on HBO? If not, you really should be, because it's starting to get very interesting. Somewhat less interesting but hopefully at least marginally entertaining? Me and indie horror fashionplate Alan Rowe Kelly getting drunk on tequila and recapping the second episode.


It's over on the CampBlood Video page!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Check out "Blood Work", my new weekly "True Blood" vlog


That's right, bitches. I'll be back each week with another new episode of Blood Work, discussing each new installment of the bizarro new vampire series. Big thanks to Alan Rowe Kelly for being my first guest and to "Special" Correspondent Chuckie for providing the Cloverfield-esque camerawork. I mean, cameraWORRRRRK!

To watch the episode, click your ass over to the CampBlood Video page!

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